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Comparison among dictators (Hitler, Mussolini and Stalin)

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Adolf Hitler

Comparison of Adolf Hitler with other Dictators (Mussolini and Stalin)

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Comparison among dictators (Hitler, Mussolini and Stalin)
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Adolf Hitler was born to a custom official named Alois Hitler on 20 April 1889. Like Mussolini and Stalin, he originated from a very humble background. His father had three wives and several children but unfortunately only Adolf and his sister Paula grew to maturity. Hitler had a troublesome childhood has he was force to endure the violent treatment of his mother by his dad. His ambition was to become an artist but this was given a blow when his application to a school of art was turned down by what he believed were Jews officials (Columbia University Press, 2007).

Unlike Stalin whose parents were initially well off before his father becoming an alcoholic, Hitler and Mussolini background was very poor. Education wise, both Stalin and Hitler dropped out of school. Stalin being unable to complete his fees failed to sit for his exams there by ending his education. On the other hand, Hitler who was a good student dropped out of school as a result of the death of his parents and later his effort to continue studying flopped when his application to an art school was rejected.

However, Mussolini managed to attain basic education as a result of the efforts from his parents to see him study.

            According to Columbia University Press, 2007, as a result of dropping out of school, Hitler became anti-Semitic and anti Jews. This later saw him joining politics with a dream of showing the world that Germans were superior to others. He joined the army and participated in WW1 that saw the Germans loose which he attributed to the Jews. Like Hitler, Mussolini participated in the WW1 which he had initially opposed and this led to his expulsion from his socialist’s party. Though Stalin did not participate in WW1, as a whether man a job he took after abandoning his priesthood studies, he organized several strikes and demonstration that caught the attention of the police. A point worth noting is that all of the three dictators discussed above had socialist ideologies. It is in that connection that all of them started their political career by either joining or forming a socialist’s party. Hitler had the Nazi, Mussolini had the Fascist movement and Stalin had the Marxist. All these parties brought each individual dictator into power.

            He was once imprisoned as he tried to plot a march to Munich to air out workers grievances but funny enough this provided him with an excellent opportunity to rise to power. Another booster to his career was the prevailing unemployment rate that he used to rally support from his fellow Germans once out of prison. Like Hitler, both Stalin and Mussolini were arrested in their bid to rise to power and this accelerated their bid to capture power. With such revolutionary mind in Hitler, he mobilized the middle income earners who were mostly affected by the unemployment to become Chancellor of Germany in 1933. As he had promised, he fulfilled his promises by creating employment and decreasing unemployment rate from seven million to one million. Like Hitler, Mussolini plotted a siege against the government that necessitated his inclusion into government and later ruling Italy.

            As rulers, all of them became serious dictators thereby forming a single government state without opposition. The government controlled and allocated all the available resources in their respective countries and at one time all the three dictators forged a friendship with each other given their similar ideologies. Apart from Mussolini who has been viewed by many as a dictator who did not accomplished his ideologies, both Hitler and Stalin made their ideologies a reality before their death.

            In conclusion, all of the three dictators ruled without mercy and without observing the fundamental human rights that later contributed to their unpopularity and oust to power. They all died terrible death as Hitler committed suicide, while Mussolini was executed.


            Columbia University Press. (2007). Hitler in Power. Retrieved January 30, 2009, from The Columbia Electronic Encyclopedia: http://www.columbiaelectronicencyclopedia.com

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