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I awoke today with the light streaming into my room and hearing the birds peeping in the distance. As I regained my scruples. I smelled the cast and felt moist room conditions all around me that imprisoned me. It reminded me of what would hold happened merely in a incubus. It was merely yesterday that Corey. Nurse. Hale and I had gone to assist the accused adult females. So many times I felt that I could win the conflict. yet merely as many times I could experience the rope stealing through my fingers. Mary Warren. that weakling. attempted to convey about the truth about Abigail but Danforth and Parris. loggerheaded. flap-mouthed clods. attacked her. She even decided to lie to do Danforth and Parris see ground. but no affair what. they would non halt barking at her. But she is besides at mistake ; clearly she can non manage force per unit area. Had they been animate beings. I would certainly hold slit their pharynxs to hush them. Abigail began to turn against Mary. My choler and guilt that have been brewing inside my intestine for several hebdomads now eventually regurgitated. I confessed! I confessed to perpetrating criminal conversation with Abigail. Oh how in a heartfelt way I wanted to halt this lunacy and destroy her credibleness.

Out of rage. I wrenched the vile animate being by her hair. as if I could take her caput off with it. At first the Judgess did non believe me. but when Elizabeth was brought in. she attempted to protect me and said that I ne’er committed such a wickedness. I can now see that she is wholly allegiant and that I wholly regret what I did ; I have forgotten what love meant. It weakens my articulatio genuss and brings cryings to my eyes to see how I have wholly disremembered the love and the trust of my one and merely married woman. However. as I took a glanced at Abigail. there was a little smiling behind her angered face. She acted up once more and began to copy everything that Mary said. At first. it was merely her. but like a spectacle. the remainder of them followed inherently and carelessly.

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Incomprehensibly. Mary collapsed. The wall protecting her and me eventually fell to Abigail’s changeless banging. In the failing of her hapless bosom. she concocted a prevarication and accused me to be under the influence of the Satan. I felt the blood in my venas hotfooting to my caput and the pulsing of my interior beats. The pulsations of my bosom were thumping uncontrollably against my temple. Obviously I was quiet angered but from at that place to my cell. I do non retrieve much. As I was taken out of the courtroom. I heard the existent corrupt enchantress continuously ululating that strivings my ear so much. I can merely image what Elizabeth could be making now. merely in my caput. and ne’er in genuinely any longer.

( Narrative entry )I open my bole and pulled out the journal that Elizabeth presented to me as a gift many old ages ago. I take comfort in the fact that her breath stained these pages and the yearss when no barriers fell between us. Now with a pen in my manus and a trade name new diary that smelled like a new bible. I begin to remember the incidence of last dark. Possibly the best manner to pacify is to vent. I can non state anyone but you. My bond with Elizabeth was deteriorating ; she had suggested that I go to Salem to attest against Abigail. Self-consciously. I told myself to non acquire involved with the tests to maintain my deathly wickedness of criminal conversation to myself and I wanted to break up my ties with Abigail forever. I merely wanted to travel on with life as a good follower of God. alternatively of brooding upon the yesteryear. When Mary Warren was non place. I realized that she clearly forbade my bid. She told me about Abigail convicting many adult females. I thought it to be titterable in a manner. However. when she mentioned Elizabeth. I turned into a king of beasts swooping on a quarry.

That dark Hale came to my place to judge me. as God would make. I feel lost. as if the whole universe was turning their dorsums against me. but it manner my mistake for holding forgot one of the Ten Commandments. I feel that I have let Him down and now I know how Goody Osborne felt in the courtroom with all eyes on her. including Him. Even though Parris was non at that place. I could savor his resentment on my lingua. I am bewildered at his accusal against me! I have non lost my artlessness to the Devil and I surely do non pattern witchery. I want to state Hale about my brush with Abigail to belie her and set an terminal to this lunacy but I do non hold the backbones to state him. In the terminal. I wonder who in this town is so echt. All of a sudden Francis Nurse makes a scene as he comes in shouting over the fact that his married woman. Rebecca Nurse. was arrested non long ago. I question the accusal and the more I think how pathetic these events are. the more ferocious I become. Following. Herrick comes to my house bearing formidable intelligence.

Elizabeth has been charged! Abigail. that bitch needs to cognize whom she is covering with for when I get my custodies on that miss. I will deface her! She is a covetous adult female and merely marked Elizabeth with no more grounds than a needle that she herself put inside her belly. How can she utilize Mary’s doll as grounds ; everybody puts acerate leafs into dolls for safekeeping! As if Mary knew juju. have mercy ; the lone 1 in this bloody town is Tituba from Barbados! Elizabeth was forced out of my manus and my kids started to shout. At least let for a proper depart for I likely will ne’er keep her in my custodies once more. It was so phantasmagoric that I felt heat from my choler and icinesss from my fear. I lost my pique when they handcuffed the guiltless adult female.

She is no felon in the eyes of God. which is the lone individual in this topographic point that affairs. I do non give a darn about what Abigail says. She is making pandemonium in the signifier of trepidation and cowardice of work forces. So my diary. I will non let this to prevail any longer. The animate being has gone excessively far without her reigns. Innocent lives are being taken by its bloodlust ; she is carelessly killing people. I must clarify the animal’s ailment wants and forestall the loss of my beloved God-blessed married woman. even if I must decease for her. This. I promise to you. ( Persuasive missive )

May 20. 1692Mr. Danforth:I write this missive to turn to my concern about the charges against my married woman. Elizabeth Proctor. who was late taken away on the charges of Abigail Williams. I believe that my relationship is a echt 1. blessed by God himself. After more than ten old ages of a being merrily married. I do non believe that some twelve twelvemonth old kid can impeach my married woman of witchery when we have been faithful and loyal retainers of God. What does a 12 twelvemonth old know about work and play? I do acknowledge that Abigail Williams and I conversed a while non long before the witchery eruption occurred. She had told me that her dancing with Tituba in the wood was non witchcraft and she was quiet inexorable about it. Now that she has seen what we do to hex. executing. why is she beliing herself by stating that the dance in the forests is witchcraft? I implore you ; hold some intuition and uncertainty of the accuser.

She is seting the incrimination on others so that cipher accuses her because right now. if you have non noticed. she holds the power to everyone’s destiny as if she were Gods. make up one’s minding who gets to populate or decease. I vow that the adult females who were accused are so reputable adult females who live with a moral scruples. They do non familiarise themselves with the monster. Take it from a respectable adult male of Salem who has lived here for his full life. Before these hideous accusals from a delusional kid. who has non even reached pubescence yet. I one time believed that our people had a strong affinity to god. which kept our community secure from all Devil incursions.

I was incorrectly. It is clear that during times of pandemonium and corruptness. our walls are non strong plenty to maintain from crumpling under its force per unit area. Even so. I do non believe in witchery. In society. there are multiple ways to bring around immorality. Some resort to God to accept our errors and shrive our wickednesss. This manner is humanist. and in my sentiment. just. The other manner is to reprobate them to decease. This certainly is non the most merely manner to cleanse our universe of wickedness. for wickedness will ever be present in adult male because God made us that manner. We are non perfect. certainly you of all people. my stateliness. can understand. Take my words into consideration. Sincerely.

( Commentary )

I have late discovered the journal of John monitor along with his notes and letters that he left behind. Through his Hagiographas. it clearly suggests that he has guilt from perpetrating criminal conversation and at the same clip ferocious with himself because his actions were one of the causes of the Salem Witch Trials. Now. that Abigail is covetous. she has gone huffy with green-eyed monster and convicting people irrationally to decease. Those who do non wish to be persecuted seem to side with Abigail. It seems as if the strong beliefs were really dramatic. one that does non do any sense.

Abigail. who is seemingly resentful of Elizabeth. lashes out at other people. She begins to fault society for her bad luck and desires that are non acquirable by utilizing the Devil as justification. The false accusals and pandemonium that ensues is much like the McCarthyism dirt of the fiftiess. Senator Joe McCarthy. leader of the House Committee on Un-american Activities began as a consequence of communistic panics in the United States after WWII. The occupation of HUAC was to run and expose guilty people of holding dealingss or feelings for Communists. The “witch hunt” of the 1950s resulted in the decease of several people along with enduring on the portion of many others.

McCarthy condemned those he found to be guilty similar to those tie ining with the Devil during Salem. While some praised the probe of Communists. others deplored and found it gross outing. Those that disapproved of the irrational strong beliefs were questioned the cogency of McCarthy and began to flog back. Finally. his fraud would be exposed and his reign of panic. set to an terminal. However. in Salem the antonym happened. In fact. the “McCarthy”s of Salem won and it was non until killing people tantamount to the presidential position were dead did the debacle halt.

Fear is contagious. Another illustration would be at the terminal of 1999. The bulk of the people in the United States became concerned that as Y2K approached. computing machines would misfunction due to the twelvemonth 2. 000 chiefly due to the mass terror of the media. It was believe that computing machines would crash and that all informations would be wiped out. But. as January 1. 2000 passed nil out of the ordinary happened. What did go on in the new millenary were major defects in election system. September 11 onslaughts and economic thaw down. Where did this paranoia take us? It led to the unconstitutional Patriot Act. dramatic violation on rights. addition security. right for authorities to mistreat and torment captives every bit good as changeless barrage of latest atrociousnesss by the media. The Patriot Act in peculiar is one that goes beyond what is necessary. It was passed nem con in the House of Representatives since cipher at that clip wanted to dispute it out of fright. Even to this twenty-four hours. people are non willing to dispute the Act out of fright of being accused of seeking to subvert the authorities.

Even to this twenty-four hours. dramatic steps are taken when persons with places of power are afraid. During the Salem enchantress tests. Abigail convicted many guiltless people of covering with the Devil. The smallest relevancy to the Devil. including Mary Warren’s doll with a acerate leaf in it. was used as significant cogent evidence of association. Not many had the self-control to dispute her out of fright and those who did were convicted. After WWII. in response to the turning concern of communistic incursion in the United States allowed for insubstantial accusals in authorities. Joseph McCarthy. like Abigail began impeaching people and altering lives for worse. The most modern-day act of demonism is seen with the reaction to the 9/11 onslaughts. Anybody seen with Arabian Islamic characteristics and have oning turbans are capable to intuition in the United States. even though it is considered socially and morally wrong.

In all three cases of pandemonium during American history. people respond to fear in a really unreasonable manner. but that is natural. for we. as worlds. can non alter our natural inherent aptitudes pin indicating the job and rooting it out of our lives. Rash behaviour is unacceptable in society and during times that lack echt leading. it is ever of import to step back and see the state of affairs as a whole. possibly from a different position. It is common for the populace to follow the bandwagon. but that does non let us to use the rights that our establishing male parents provided to each citizen. to hold the right to postulate and openly differ the state of affairs at manus. In order to avoid modern-day demonism. it is of import for persons to talk up against it.

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