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Regional Comparison – Due Tuesday

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There will be three regular exams scheduled this semester. The exams will cover material from lecture, text, supplementary readings, discussions, and in- class activities. Format of exams will be a combination of multiple choice, true/false, and short answer. Exams will be taken using an Pearson Advantage (28980) form. Final Exam: There will be a final exam scheduled at the end of the semester. The exam is cumulative and will be similar in format as the regular exams. You must take the final exam to pass the course.

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Regional Comparison – Due Tuesday
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Homework Assignments: There are three homework assignments this semester. I will provide a more detailed explanation of each assignment prior to the due date. All assignments are expected to be turned in on time! If you must miss class due to one f the Blind College recognized absences (See the Blind College Attendance Policy below) then you must discuss this with me in advance of the due date to receive full- credit for the assignment.

Otherwise, 10% of the full credit will be deducted for each day the assignment is late. Assignment 1 Development – Due Thursday, Septet. 19th * Assignment 2 Migration – Due Thursday October 17th * Assignment 3 Regional Comparison – Due Tuesday, November 12th Map Quizzes: There are four map quizzes scheduled for this semester. The information you will need to prepare for each exam is located on campus. Participation Points: There will be 5 opportunities for participation points throughout the semester in the form of pop quizzes or small assignments. You must be in attendance to receive credit for opportunities and they cannot be made up.

Makeup Exams/Map Quizzes: Only students who have a documented, excused absence for the day of the exam/quiz may take advantage of this opportunity. Exams/ quizzes will be available in the Learning Center for exactly ONE WEEK following the scheduled exam. If you do not make up the assignment within that period you will receive a zero for the exam/quiz. Extra Credit: No extra credit opportunities will be given. If you attend class, participate in discussions, read the text and any assigned readings; you will not need extra credit. ? CRITERIA FOR GRADING: Your grade will be calculated as follows: * 3 Exams (100 pats. ACH) * Final Exam * 4 Map Quizzes (50 pats. Each) * 3 Assignments * Pop Quiz/Participation * Total Points 150 200 75 Final grades will be distributed using the following scale: * 720 points and above A * 640 points and above B * 560 points and above C * 480 points and above D * Below 480 CIVILITY STATEMENT: Members of the Blind College community, which includes faculty, staff and students, are expected to act honestly and responsibly in all aspects of campus life. Blind College holds all members accountable for their actions and words.

Therefore, all members should commit themselves to behave in a manner that recognizes personal respect and demonstrates concern for the personal dignity, rights, and freedoms of every member of the College community, including respect for College property and the physical and intellectual property of others. CIVILITY NOTIFICATION SYSTEM: If a student is asked to leave the classroom because of uncivil behavior, the student may not return to that class until he or she arranges a conference with the instructor: it is the student’s responsibility to arrange for this conference.

ATTENDANCE POLICY: The College District believes that class attendance is essential for student success; therefore, students are required to promptly and regularly attend all their classes. Each class meeting builds the foundation for subsequent class meetings. Without full participation and regular class attendance, students shall find themselves at a severe equidistant for achieving success in college. Class participation shall constitute at least ten percent of the final course grade. It is the responsibility of each faculty member, in consultation with the division chair, to determine how participation is achieved in his or her class.

Faculty will require students to regularly attend class and will keep a record of attendance from the first day of class and/or the first day the student’s name appears on the roster through final examinations. If a student has one weeks worth of absences during the semester, he/she will be sent an e-mail y the College requiring the student to contact his/her instructor and schedule a conference immediately to discuss his/her attendance issues. If the student accumulates two weeks worth of absences, he/she will be administratively withdrawn trot class. There are four forms of excused absences recognized by the institution: 1 . Observance of religious holy days – The student should notify his or her instructor(s) not later than the 1 5th day of the semester concerning the specific date(s) that the student will be absent for any religious holy day(s); 2. Representing the College District at an official institutional function; 3. High school dual credit students representing the independent school district at an official institutional function; and 4. Military service. Other absences may be considered excused at the discretion of the faculty member with appropriate documentation.

A student enrolled in a developmental course is subject to College District-mandated attendance policies. Failure to attend developmental classes shall result in removal from the course as defined by the College District. It is the student’s responsibility to officially drop a class he or she is no longer tending. To officially drop a class the student must obtain the class withdrawal form from Enrollment Services, complete the class withdrawal form, secure the required signatures, and return the completed form to Enrollment Services.

The last day to drop this semester with a Q is November 15. SCHOLASTIC INTEGRITY: Blind College does not tolerate cheating, plagiarism, or any other act of dishonesty with regard to the course in which you are enrolled. The following text defines the faculty member’s responsibility with regard to the scholastic integrity expectation for this and all courses at Blind College. It is the responsibility of faculty members to maintain scholastic integrity at the College District by refusing to tolerate any form of scholastic dishonesty.

Adequate control of test materials, strict supervision during testing, and other preventive measures should be utilized, as necessary, to prevent cheating or plagiarism. If there is compelling evidence that a student is involved in cheating or plagiarism, the faculty member should assume responsibility and address the infraction. Likewise, any student accused of scholastic dishonesty is entitled to due process as outlined in Blind College Board Policy FLY (Local). The Scholastic Integrity Policy is located in the Blind College Student Handbook, www. Lion. Due/student notebookpdPDFIn a case of scholastic dishonesty, it is critical that written documentation be maintained at each level ttthroughouthe process.

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