Global Warming: Is It Really Happening?

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Global Warming: Is It Really Happening?
You might be jumping with joy when it is fifty-five degrees Fahrenheit in the middle of January. However, you become very confused the next week when there is a blizzard that makes it impossible for you to dig your vehicle out of the snow. Have you ever sat back and thought about why this happened? Global warming causes this phenomenon. Global warming is defined as “the gradual increase in the earth’s surface temperature” (Climate Change). This increase is causing the unusual weather that has currently taken over our usual weather patterns. Many nonbelievers say that it is natural for the Earth to warm up a few degrees every couple of centuries, and that global warming is not real. However, this logic can only be formed because people do not want to believe that our world is in trouble. It could be argued that the Earth has had its “hot moments” where the average climate temperature has raised more than it should. However, the climate changes of the past did not happen rapidly, like they are today. There are many findings that prove that global warming is in fact real. The recorded increase in the Earth’s temperature, the problems in the arctic, odd weather patterns, and the greenhouse effect are all evidence that global warming is real. We, as habitants of this Earth, need to change our lifestyle in order to reverse global warming.

Global warming is a difficult theory to grasp. There have been many times in history that the Earth’s climate has changed, experiencing times of both warmth and cold. This is mainly due to changes in the Earth’s orbit, natural factors, and the energy that is released from the sun. The Earth usually has as average temperature of fifty-nine degrees Fahrenheit, or fifteen degrees Celsius. The rise in the Earth’s average temperature is one of the main focuses in the argument supporting global warming.
Within the past one hundred and twenty-nine years, the.

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