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Growing Up Asian in America Essays

Obama made history by becoming the first African-American president. Although, I think becoming president shouldn’t be based on our ethnic background, but I think it should be based on how they will change the economy. It shouldn’t depend on whether you are a different race or nationality, as long as you have the determination and skill to lead and make this country a better nation. However, because I’m Asian shouldn’t emphasize the fact that I’m more or less eligible to become president than any other candidate.

The people should vote for whom they think would make a bigger impact on the United States as a country. Obama wasn’t elected just because he was African-American, but because the people knew he could restore the economy of the United States. Although, like Obama, I had challenges to face like learning to play an instrument or attending almost every volleyball practice and progressing each time I did it.

Because I stand for this reason, this also influences my leadership abilities. My leadership shows that I can lead other people over the obstacles or challenges in life. An economical problem I would like to change is that we import more than we export. America has been relying too much on other countries for regular goods we find in a local supermarket. If I become the president, I would try to regain the originality and creativity America once had.

We could become a nation of creators and innovators once again. As Barack Obama once said, “Change will not come if we wait for some other person or some other time. We are the ones we’ve been waiting for. We are the change that we seek”. He proved that statement by becoming the first African-American mixed-race president of the United States. I can support his thinking because; I too, can make history by becoming the first Asian president of the United States.

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