Investigation into how temperature affects the rate of respiration in yeast

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Students are reminded that marks are awarded in three areas and their final piece of work should reflect this.

Planning – Should explain how you decided upon the method that you have chosen and should include any references to other pieces of work including textbooks, preliminary work or Internet searches. It also includes the prediction and risk assessments.

Implementing – Contains only your final method (remember that each stage of your choice of method will have been justified in the planning section) and your results table.

Analysis – Contains all processing of your data (ie. Calculations of averages, statistical tests, graphs etc) and your conclusions. You must ensure that you justify your conclusions with scientific knowledge.

Evaluating – This is the section in which you critically analyse the strengths and weaknesses of your experiment, identify and explain any anomalous results as well as suggest further improvements.

There is a lot of help and guidance available to all students online. All students must read both the marking criteria set by the exam board as well as use ‘Advice writing your coursework’, available on the extranet – a document full of advice and guidance!


You will be given exclusive use of SAB from Monday 30th January 2006 for two weeks. The practical equipment will be available to use every lesson if you wish but you cannot be in the lab without a member of staff present. If you are joining another class during on of your study periods please ask permission from the staff already teaching in the room. I will try and be around as many lunchtimes as possible for those of you needing the extra time.

The final deadline for handing the coursework to Mr Finch is Friday 24th February. There are no exceptions to this rule and failure to meet this deadline will result in the score of zero marks.

Your coursework will not be marked in draught form but if you wish to get feedback then please ask staff individually to give you advice. Remember that they will not grade your work.

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