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Jasper Jones Chapter Summary

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The chapter begins With Jasper coming to Charlie’s Window in the middle Of the night and asking Charlie to leave his house in order to help him. -Charlie seems to feel honored that Jasper has asked for his help. Charlie describes Jasper. -Jasper explains that he needs Charlie’s help but he won’t tell him why. -They walk through their town, Corcoran, until Jasper stops to smoke a cigarette in front of the house of the town’s Mad Jack Lionel.

Jasper tells him this is not where they’re going and keep walking. Charlie tells us hat Jasper has a bad reputation in their town, because of his skin color he is severely blamed and mistreated, -They continue through the bush to one of Jasper’s hiding spots, this is where Charlie is confronted with the dead, hanging body of young Laura, the mayors daughter and the older sister if Charlie’s -Charlie panics and is confronted with morel challenges venue Jasper suggests what he believes they need to do.

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Jasper Jones Chapter Summary
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Before the boys discard of the body by dropping her in the dam with a weight on her feet, we learn that Jasper has a much deeper relationship With Laura then we are first led to believe. Charlie smokes the cigarette, even though he doesn’t like it. -Jasper does steal, but only what he needs to survive and he only steals from people who can afford to lose it. -Coming of age story. Bedroom is described as a womb and falling out the window is described as the ‘birth of a foal’.

Chapter 2 wakes up realizing that last night wasn’t a dreams why Jasper seeded him out, doubts jasper washing him self, rid himself of guilt breakfast, his dad notices his funny behavior, closer than his mum dad literature teacher goes to Jeffrey (Vietnamese) house he’s listening to cricket, test ashes match. Jeffrey had come to Charlie’s already Jeffrey asks; fivefold you rather die from heat or cold? “the mention of her (Elijah’s) names rattles me” batman/superman argument go into town to play cricket see Elise Wishers, Jeffrey says hi to her and Charlie is to shy to talk to her Jeffrey notices this get to the oval to play cricket meet Warwick trend, he’s dumb, leader of Jeffrey bulling people wandering around Charlie goes home, asks if there’s been any news goes to his room, thinks a lot chapter 3 Charlie has an argument with mum cause he answered back doesn’t let him go out, Charlie’s mum is unpleasant goes to the library Silvia Likens story, same age, living in a flat, parents performers, locals would torture her, Silvia deice Sees Elise, walks her home, venue Elise gets home her mother goes nuts Charlie notices the uncommunicative behavior Charlie gets home and has an argument With his mother she makes Charlie dig a hole, then fill it in the rather enjoys this, she does it cause she can voice of reason is the father.

He tells Charlie to Stop mother leaves the house with a friend the father and Charlie talk about the Wishers mother comes drunk chapter 4 he garden is beautiful, the ball goes in Charlie wont go get it he’s scared of bugs spotter planes go over and he goes home a few hours later Jeffrey comes over Charlie is scared its jasper Jeffrey tells Charlie about his family who have died in the Vietnam war historical context tooth Vietnam war -Jeffrey tells Charlie about what going on Charlie had dinner with his family his dad mentions Laura, Laura had a tendency to go out for walks Charlie starts investigating into who she was meeting the mother wants to keep Charlie in the dark, Charlie disagrees with this Charlie s have his faith shaken Chapter S community meeting to look for Laura expand the search believe she may have run away Jeffrey mum is abused by a mother who’s son has just died in the war and her Other son had been called up Charlie goes out With jasper the go back to the place where the body was found, they get drunk. Jasper has bruises on his face, the police did it Laurel’s dad beats him as well Charlie can’t believe this, he’s seeing the world with new eyes Jasper Laura and had planned to run away to the city together Jasper believes Mad Jack Lionel did Charlie get sick cause his drunk hey find the word ‘sorry’ carved into the tree where Laura was found every time jasper walks past mad jack Lionel shouts at him and on the night of Laurel’s death he stopped the patrol car thinks Charlie had gone missing, his mum goes nuts.

Chapter 6 -He’s still grounded he goes to Elijah’s -Jeffrey was on the cricket team, everyone is crazy angry Jeffrey is really happy Charlie’s mum accused his father of being a bad parent and husband captain Warwick trend is angry at Jeffrey cause he drops a catch booed by everybody talking about random scenarios lunch break Charlie sees Elise, Charlie sits with her team doing badly, Jeffrey bats really well Elise and Charlie hold hands Jeffrey wins the game for them Elise tells Charlie that she has been pretending Japer went to see Charlie when he was grounded on the side of Jack Lioness’s old car door is the word sorry Jeffrey garden is being destroyed Charlie’s dad comes to the rescue mother goes tot bed and Charlie’s dad ask if he is okay CHAPTER 7 Charlie’s dad is writing a book and his dad asks him to read it Jasper needs Charlie to go and confront Jack Lionel Jack Lionel says yes he did kill him

Charlie doesn’t believe Jack, Jack was talking about Japers mother Jack didn’t know anything about Laura Lionel son was dating an aboriginal girl, she’s pregnant with Jasper David and Rosier David, Japers father changes his last name to Jones finally Jack Lionel comes to Sunday lunch, David refuses to forgive Rookie’s is in pain and Jack takes her to the hospital and crashes, Rosier is killed He never forgives him self and that’s Why sorry is on the car Rumors got worse etc Jack is an out cast jasper is Jacks grandson someone was following Laura on the night of her death harrier goes home, Elise goes to Charlie’s room and asks what he was doing with jasper Elise says that she knows where Laura is he sees his mother in the car with another man he refuses to listen to her when they get to the clearing she knows that Charlie has been there Elise her while Muar hanged her self she feels like she killed her there had been a big argument there had been a scuffle in Laurel’s room Elise has the letter Elise goes back home and reads the letter Finds out that she’s pregnant to her dad “this is what’ happened, that what happened’ Elise wrote sorry in the tree Chapter 8 go back to school, lot of gossip Charlie goes to mad Jacks and steals peaches to prep. ‘e to Warwick trend that its all good and he’s tough and speaks to mad jack to get him to come out With a gun yells at him everyone this Charlie is so brave the peaches are not in season, there’s insects all over them. He does it he’s superman, not a batman he runs across town to Elijah’s street because her house is on fire her dad is being carted out on a stretcher Charlie just though that Elise wanted to hurt someone Charlie comforts her Jasper had left town.

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