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Kartilya Ng Katipunan Ni Emilio Jacinto Sample

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The Kartilya nanogram Katipunan is a set of steering rules and ideals that remain most relevant today amidst our nation’s crises. The revolution wears ruddy of August: all its primary day of the months are of the amuck month. The Katipunan was betrayed on August 19 and the resulting play. from Balintawak to Pinaglabanan. unfolds during the month’s concluding one-fourth. Dates are inquiry. In prewar yearss the Cry of Balintawak was celebrated on August 26 at Pugad Lawin. Caloocan. scene of the Bonifacio rebellion.

was so a countrified town surrounded by fishpond. Fieldss and forest. Balintawak was countryside ; Pugad Lawin was deep forests ; Pasong Tamo was a silvan trail. To Caloocan. after the exposure of their secret society. fled Bonifacio and Emilio Jacinto and followed by their work forces.

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Kartilya Ng Katipunan Ni Emilio Jacinto Sample
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The hegira from Manila of the Katipunan began on August 19. By August 22 the figure of Katipuneros grew to over a 1000 and Bonifacio summoned them to a general meeting in the barrio of Balintawak.

from there they went deep in to the forests of Pugad Lawin. The rank and file of the Katipunan was still undecided ; they fled to Manila to avoid apprehension. non to get down an rebellion. Few yearss the Rebels were back in Balintawak and the Katipuneros raised the call of rebellion. it was the Eve of St. Bartholomew ( Patron Saint of knives & A ; bola tie ) . August 23 the point of no return for the Katipunan. Bonifacio’s Battle of Pinaglabanan said to hold happened on August 29 -30. The assault on the fort in San Juan and the effort to prehend the ammo at that place and the reservoir drearily flopped ; the debacle from which Bonifacio and the Manila Katipunan would ne’er retrieve. The Supremo fled to the mountains of Montalban.

And That. for the mean Filipino. is the full history of August. 1896: a Cry. an Rebellion. a Battle and Defeat. But August of ’96 ended more gloriously. with the Cavite Revolution detonating on the last yearss of the month and triumphing in its initial conflicts. the Magdiwang taking Noveleta and the Magdalo taking Kawit. Why it’s the debacle in Pinaglabanan instead than the triumphs in Cavite that was chosen to observe in August is a enigma. Since Bonifacio ne’er won a conflict. went to Kawit ( against the advice of Jacinto ) to run into the Magdiwang & A ; Magdalo. who were good organized. for an election ( of class who’ll win in an election in a topographic point you have resistance ) . Emilio Aquinaldo won the presidential term of the First Republic of The Philippines and the first in Asia. without being present during the election! And the remainder of The Philippine history? …big lies & A ; a large gag.

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