Lord of the Flies by William Golding

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It appears that I have been stranded on this island for an eternity. Our sole opportunity of being rescued was foiled by the hunters, now recognized as Jack and his group. Their responsibility was to maintain the fire always, enabling a passing ship to spot the smoke and come to our aid. Clearly, this basic task was beyond their capabilities, resulting in us missing what could have been our singular chance of survival. To compound matters, I am now the object of ridicule among all those stranded on this island with me.

Due to Jack and his cruel tribe of savages, I am currently experiencing heightened insecurity and fear. Their actions have resulted in the deterioration of my vision. Jack is an individual devoid of compassion who should never have come into existence. Although I make efforts to project bravery and nobility, he genuinely terrifies me. Piggy voiced his concern, stating, “I dread him, which is how I recognize him. When you feel fear towards someone, you develop a hatred for them that consumes your thoughts.”

Each time I encounter him once more, it feels like suffocation, similar to asthma. From the day we first crossed paths, Jack consistently taunted me about my weight, glasses, speech, and asthma. Regardless of my actions or words, it always bothered him. Jack and his group had an excessive fixation on hunting for food, which led to negative consequences. “You and your hunting obsession, Jack Merridew! We could have gone home-” (page 70). Considering the uncertain duration of our stay on this island, I believe we should prioritize constructing sturdier shelters while ensuring we possess a means to signal passing ships and remaining unified.

However, Jack organized everyone into groups and hunted relentlessly. Today, Jack went too far by stealing my glasses. To make matters worse, one of the lenses was already broken from when he threw them on the ground. Jack and his tribe took my glasses because they needed them for starting a fire and keeping warm. Instead of asking, he raided our shelter during the night to take them. Ralph, Sam, Eric, and I plan to climb up the mountains together to confront Jack and insist that they return my glasses immediately. Hopefully, everything will be resolved in the end.

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