Lord of the Flies Sequel

Elyse Anderson Chapter 13 Sequel After a few minutes of sobbing, the boys got themselves together and began looking at each other. Everyone was silent until the naval officer came back to where the barbaric boys were standing. “Chief Ralph,” said the officer, “Tell everyone to come abroad. ” Before, Ralph could turn around to tell them, a huge wave crashed on to the beach. The tide was fairly high that particular day. Once the tide went back out, two small figures lay washed up in the sand a few yards away. Everyone was curious, so the naval officer began to walk towards the figures.

He slowly bent down to examine the figures. He looked up with a blank look on his face and waved the boys over. There, right in front of them was the two dead bodies of Piggy and Simon. The little boy was right about there being a sea monster. The monster gave back the sacrifices to server justice. “Please explain these,” the officer demanded in a low, stern voice. It looked as if Jack and Rodger got the wind knocked out of them. The two of them turned as white as a ghost. Ralph just stood there speechless with more tears streaming down his face. He sobbed for his best friends Simon and Piggy. How could this be,” asked Jack under his breath. “Well, am I going to have to ask again,” said the officer. One by one the boys gave the officer their version of the adventure beginning with the conch and ending with the last hunt. When they were done, the naval officer led each of the boys on the boat. As Jack and Rodger stepped foot, two more officers put the boy’s hands behind their backs and handcuffed them. The whole boat ride back was miserable. Sam’n Eric both got sea sick and were weak by the previous torture Jack’s group had done to them. Ralph was still shocked by the rescue. He was so shocked that he passed out.

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Ralph soon opened his eyes to find himself back on the island. All around him were dead boy bodies he knew and recognized. It was a bloody mess. All of a sudden he hears footsteps creeping up. He turns to see Jack with a demined look on his face and sharpened stick with both ends in his hands. “Let’s not do something we will regret,” Ralph said with an uneasy voice. “This is something I will not regret,” Jack said. He began again saying, “Ever since the first day, I wanted to take you down and now I have you where I want you. ” He lifted up the sharpened stick and… “Ding, ding, ding,” the sound of bells awoke Ralph from his wild dream.

He wiped his eyes and flipped his hair back out of his face. He looked around and everyone was starting to awake from their individual slumbers. They all heard cheering as they approached the dock into England. The officers had contacted everyone’s parents to tell them to be at the dock, so many parents and friends were gathered at the docking station to greet the long lost children. The boat docked and all the kids hurried to pile out. Everything looked different from the environment they used to be in. “Sam’n Eric,” called out two adult voices. The two boys turned and ran into their parent’s arms.

All around children were getting united with their families. He was reunited with his family as well, but he could not help but notice an older woman adult standing there searching around. She was wearing round specks and was a little on the heavy side. He could tell she resembled his best friend. He went up to her holding back tears. She noticed the dirty boy and began to smile. The lady asked, “Have you seen my nephew Piggy anywhere? ” “I am sorry Miss,” Ralph began. “He is no longer with us anymore. ” Ralph cried for the third time that day explaining the whole story to Piggy’s aunt and Simon’s family.

After telling them everything, Ralph heard the police. They were about to take Jack and Rodger to jail to punish them for their behavior on the island. They needed to be taught how to be civilized again. Ralph and his family left the dock. He was permanently scared from this whole experience just like all the other boys. He had to attend therapy with every single boy. Even though being stranded on an island is a bad thing, Ralph learned many things. For instance, he learned that everybody has an inner beast and you have to be able to use self control to tame what is inside of you.

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