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Lord of the Flies Symbols

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When they are stolen, he is not protected and he is of no use to the other boys in the group. “My specs… One sides broken”pop/90 “l have been wearing specs since was three. “pop “Use them as burning glasses. “pop “You came here, pinched my specs”pop “First you have got to give back piggy’s specs, if you don’t give them back Piggy will not be able to see… And about the fire. ” IPPP/220 “From his left hand dangled Piggy’s broken specs.

” IPPP The Beast The beast represents the fear of the boys in the group and the uncertainty as this is intensified when it plays a part in the story.

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Lord of the Flies Symbols
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There is also the idea of the beast being ‘the gateway to chaos’ with everything on the island uncontrollable when the subject it raised. The imaginary beast think also symbolizes the savage nature that lives just a word away inside the boys and while the boys are afraid of it, this could only be because it is inside every one of them.

Simon is the one who actually realizes that the beast is in each one of them when he meets “The Lord Of The Flies” As boys like Jack become crueler throughout the book, the belief in the beast increases until at the end Jack’s tribe are leaving It food as a sign of respect. Snakes, snakes look at the snakes”pop “The unfriendly side of the mountain”pop “Life, is scientific… L know there isn’t no beast… UT I know there isn’t no fear either”IPPP “And I was frightened… And then I saw something moving among the trees, something big and horrid. ” p. 1 06 “Maybe it’s only us. ” Events leading up to Piggy’s death IPPP/3 “You’re a beast, a swine and a bloody, bloody thief. “(Ralph) The Huts The Huts symbolize protection in the group, as they are the key to shelter.

They also represent order and civilization with the boys having to discipline themselves to build them and to use proper rules. When Ralph tries to talk seriously to the children in Chapter 5, to get them to “shape up” so that there s some order on the island, he reminds them that he and Simon were the only two that participated in building all three Of the huts. The huts give them a sense of community within, a place together to be safe from everything they fear in the night, which is darkness and ‘the beast’ .

When the boys do not build the huts it again shows how they still do not care about the rules “never get it done”pop “Two shelters were positioned but shaky”pop “If it rains like when we dropped in we’ll need shelters all right… And another thing, we need shelters because of the… So we need shelters as a sort of- Home. “pop/67 “You could have had everyone when the shelter was finished but you had to hunt”pop “Who built the shelters? ‘ pop The Fire The fire is really the most important thing on the island representing hope that rescue will come.

It is quite ironic that when the boys are rescued, it is not the signal fire that attracts the attention of a Naval Ship but a bloodthirsty forest fire on a hunt for Ralph. While the fire is burning, Ralph is happy and the first fire earlier on in the book really represents the strength and sheer power of the island. In the middle of the book, a ship approaches ND there is no fire so they are not saved. The boys only real chance of rescue and survival is if they can keep the fire burning and it acts on the whole as a scale on how keen the boys are to returning to civilization.

From the first fire happens a horrible, accidental death and from the second comes salvation and rescue. “For yards around the fire the heat was like a blow, and the breeze was a river of sparks. Trees crumbled to white dust. “pop “That littlest who had the mark on his face, perhaps he gone to the… “pop “Was it better to get Piggy’s specs or would the fire have gone… They let the Lloyd fire out! “pop “A shelter burst into flames and the fire flapped at his right shoulder. ” Chapter 12 “Don’t you want to be rescued? All you talk about is pig, pig, pig! The Conch The Conch is really the key to everything on the island. Even in chapter one when Ralph and Piggy find the conch, he uses it to pull all of the boys together forming a civilized group. It also symbolizes democracy and the rules, when Ralph is elected chief and everyone getting to put forward their view when they get the conch. The shell governs the meeting during the book where everything is decided and as mentioned above, the person with the shell is in charge. Throughout the book, Piggy and the others encourage Ralph to use the conch when things get out of hand.

As the story progresses, the conch loses its influence in its mental power and its physical condition. In Chapter 1 0 Jack chooses to steal Piggy’s specs instead Of the conch showing how little he thinks of it. In Chapter 1 1, we see the attempt to use the conch one last time to reunite everyone together into the society created at the start of the book. Piggy fails to do this and is killed when Roger aims the boulder at him. The vivid description of this event really shows the Eileen nature of some of these boys.

When the conch smashes, it really signifies the end of civilization on the island. – a conch; ever so expensive… “Pop “Ralph held up the conch and smiled” Chapter 1 “I’ll give the conch to the next person to speak. He can hold it while h?¬s speak ski Eng. “pop “l got the conch… You let me speak! “pop “With the conch, I’m calling an assembly’ POP “The Rules! You’re breaking the rules! ” Pl 14 “l know, they didn’t come for the conch, they came for something else.

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