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Marriage Research Paper Throughout the past

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Marriage Essay, Research Paper

Throughout the past semester I have learned many facets of matrimony, household, and relationships. To contract each subject down to the most of import facets was non an easy undertaking, I thought long and difficult before I came to my concluding determinations. I foremost and foremost believe that communicating is the most of import component in all three countries. I know this may sound insistent but without communicating I don? t feel like you can hold a on the job matrimony, household or a relationship.

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Marriage Research Paper Throughout the past
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The other two facets I chose for matrimony are progressing through the phases of matrimony and doing determination sing when to get down a household in a matrimony. The other two facets I chose for household are larning gender functions and work in the household. The concluding two facets I chose for a relationship was the halo consequence and understanding gender.

I have already touched on why I chose communicating for matrimony, but I would wish to speak about the other two facets I chose.

Choosing when to get down a household in a matrimony, if done likely, is a large determination. Couples need to believe whether or non at that clip in at that place relationship if they are ready for a kid to come into their relationship. A kid can be a batch of emphasis on a twosome. A twosome must besides take into consideration whether or non they are able to afford a kid. I know that the later of my two grounds sounds cold, but I am a house truster that if a kid is being brought into this universe so that kid should non hold to worry about whether or non their parents have adequate money to feed, shelter, and run into their mundane demands. The other facet I chose for matrimony was traveling through the different phases of matrimony. Just like development, matrimony has several phases. I believe that all married twosomes travel through all the phases.

I besides chose communicating for the most of import facet of household. I would wish to speak about why I chose the other two facets of larning gender functions and work in the household. From reading the text I have learned that male childs and misss learn gender functions at a really immature age, get downing at birth parents treat the male childs and misss otherwise. I believe male childs and misss learn to model themselves after their parents gender functions. If this is the instance, parents have a big duty to demo their kids that there are certain gender functions that male childs and misss play, but they can if they chose to interrupt the cast of unwanted gender functions in society. The other facet I chose in a household was work. In today? s society it is non uncom

Monday for the female to travel back to work. I feel that adult female have every right to be in the work force as work forces, but when adult females go back to work work forces necessitate to get down to or go on to assist around the house so adult females do non see the sociological facet of Second Shift.

The three facets I chose for relationships were communicating, halo consequence, and understanding gender. In the first paragraph I talked about why I chose communicating, so I will speak about my other two facets. The halo consequence is in my sentiment is what starts relationships. I feel that a individual must in some manner be physically attractive to the other individual for them to get down a relationship. The other facet of relationships I chose was understanding gender. Sexuality has been a subject over the old ages that most twosomes would disregard. Without communicating of yours and your spouse? s gender, sexual intercourse could go an unwanted facet in a relationship. Sexual activity and gender should non be a stillness stillness subject ; people should openly portion their inquiries and desires with one another for a relationship to work.

On December 18, 1999 I am acquiring married in Miami, Fl. Over the last semester I have been reading and seeking to use every facet of relationships and matrimonies to my ain state of affairs. I know I am sounding like a broken record but after reading in my text book that communicating is the most of import portion of a relationship, myself and my fianc? have tried to go more unfastened in our lines of communicating. The other new information I remember reading about was balance person and couple leisure activities with each other. I don? T know if I am understanding this right but I believe this construct was stating balance different activities that each on of you enjoy making that manner neither one of you are making activities that you do non care for. The 3rd construct that I have learned and related back to my ain relationship is the honeymoon consequence. I have sat down with my fianc? and we agreed to ever allow each other know if something is trouble oneselfing us.

As I have stated in the above paragraph, I believe that I have gained more cognition about working relationships. I believe that my fianc? and I have applied this cognition to our advantage. The chief thing that I leaned from this category is that relationships take work, they do non merely go on over dark. I believe for my benefit I could non hold chosen a better clip to take this class, I believe it will assist me in my relationship with my future married woman every bit good as one twenty-four hours get downing a household.

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