Choices Made in “The Road Not Taken”

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In ‘ The Road Not Taken ’ by Robert Frost, the talker has to do a hard determination about taking one of two every bit assuring roads to go on. This verse form is easy for people to place with because people all have to do hard determinations in their lives. I admire the verse form because it shows this quandary truly good. But in the terminal of the verse form the talker changes his tone and seems to repent the pick he made after all. I don ’ t like this tone of the verse form because the talker is being dishonest with himself as he talks about how he made the incorrect pick and how that has changed the remainder of his life.

The verse form begins simple plenty, “ Two roads diverged in a xanthous wood, ” as the talker sees two roads before him and evidently he can ’ t go both. He tries to see the effects as he “ looked down one every bit far as I could ” . But each route “ set in the underbrush ” as where each route lead to is non obvious. It ’ s ill-defined to him what the effects would be if he chooses either route.

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The 2nd stanza shows the trouble of doing picks. The talker tries to separate one route from another as he describes one route as “ holding possibly the better claim ” . Here he tries to do an alibi for taking this route over the other – “ because it was grassy and wanted wear. ” But in line 10 he confesses that both roads are, in fact, non different at all – “ as for that passing at that place had worn them truly about the same ” .

In the 3rd stanza the talker realizes he has to do a determination shortly as he can ’ t merely stand at that place everlastingly. But he still can non make up one’s mind which one of the roads to go on. “ Oh, I kept the first for another twenty-four hours! ” the talker hopes he has more clip to make up one’s mind. And his ground for this indecisiveness is that “ cognizing how manner lead on to manner, I doubted if I should of all time come back. ” He knows that one time he made a determination at that place ’ s no turning back.

I like the verse form to this point because it truly shows the quandary of doing a hard determination in life. People all do picks that they don ’ Tknow what the effects would be. But sooner or later they have to do a determination. The verse form shows this quandary truly good. It’s sad and true that one time people make a determination there won’t be a 2nd opportunity. I besides admire this verse form because all people can place with this. But the last stanza of the verse form is the portion I don’t peculiar like at all.

It appears that the last stanza is written long after the talker made his determination. He looks back and regrets his determination “ I shall be stating this with a suspiration someplace ages and ages hence. ” And he once more makes an alibi why he chose this peculiar route as he “ took the 1 less traveled by ” even though in line he admits that both roads are truly the same. The last line “ and that has made all the difference ” is truly distressing because he seems to fault all the bad lucks in his life on this determination.

But the truth is that even if he had chosen the other route, he would still be stating the same thing. He would still look back and fault everything on this determination. Therefore there ’ s this unanswerable inquiry: How do you cognize which one of the roads to take? The first two lines of this stanza even shows that the talker would still be suspiring for “ ages and ages ” alternatively of making something to turn his life about.

All people make errors, but we must travel on and larn from them so we won ’ t do the same errors once more. The talker thinks that if merely he can travel back in clip and took the other route, everything will alter for the better in his life, when in fact at the clip he made his determination both roads seem every bit promising and effects of taking either route are non clear to him at all. Even the rubric ‘ The Road Not Taken ’ refers to the pick he didn ’ Ts make.

The talker is likely to be a individual that ’ s irresponsible for his actions. Alternatively of acknowledging to himself that he has made a error, he makes alibis like “ I took the 1 less traveled by. ” He ’ s non being honest with himself. This is the ground that I do non like this verse form much. Peoples can ’ t merely look back at all their errors and maintain suspiring the remainder of their lives.

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