The Seussification Of Romeo And Juliet Essay

Juliet is Caplet’s daughter. She falls in love with Romeo and marries him. What do you know of their background: Paris is seeking her hand in marriage. However, she does not think of marring anybody until she meets Romeo. She is closer to her nurse than her mother. What is their temperament: Juliet is quiet and obedient to her parents, and she shares many of her secrets with her nurse. She is respected as the daughter of a high class family.

What motivates this person:

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The Seussification Of Romeo And Juliet
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Love for Romeo motivates her. Her long term goal/dream is to be wedded to Romeo. How does this character present him or herself to others: How does this character appear to you: think that she is impulsive and fickle, because she and Romeo decided together that they wanted to be married in less than an hour. Because she is impulsive, she is not really trustworthy. Final thoughts/predictions: She is an active character that brings the plot forward along with Romeo, however, Romeo moves the plot more than her.

Quotation: 2. 2. 36-39 Character: Caplet

Caplet is How does this character present him or herself to others: If anal thoughts/predictions: Quotation: Character: Nurse The nurse is Gullet’s nurse. The nurse had a daughter Susan and a husband. She lost both in an earthquake approximately 1 1 years ago. She works for the Capsules silliest nurse. She seemed to be somewhat respected by the Capsules by raising Juliet. But because of her lowly status, people of higher status do not have to respect her. What is their temperament: The nurse seems to be carefree, and speaks freely. E. . In scene 3 of act 1, the nurse rambles on about when Juliet was three years old. She continues talking even after Lady Caplet tells her to stop. In scene of act 2, the nurse goes to ask Romeo about the wedding day without even telling Gullet’s parents about it. What motivates this person.

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