Romeo and Juliet- Young Love

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Envision the moment when a young man meets eyes with a beautiful girl and instantly falls in love. When his life has no meaning without her by his side. This is the love that Romeo feels for Juliet in William Shakespeare’s play “Romeo and Juliet”. The play showcases numerous reasons why the supposed “love” between Romeo and Juliet is not genuine. Throughout the play, several themes about young love are portrayed, which remain applicable in today’s world.

Romeo’s love for Rosaline is identical to his love for Juliet because he is infatuated with the idea of being in love. Regardless of who he is with, Romeo believes he is in love. Before meeting Juliet, Romeo believes he is in love with Rosaline, even though she does not reciprocate his feelings. He does not take the time to genuinely know Rosaline and is solely attracted to her appearance. Romeo is devastated by Rosaline’s rejection.

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Romeo, a handsome young man from a wealthy family, would have been a highly desirable bachelor in Verona. Any father, except for Capulet, would have been thrilled to have Romeo courting his daughter, as Romeo had the ability to attract any girl he desired. Nevertheless, Romeo falls in love with the only woman in town who rejects him and any other suitor – Rosaline, who desires a life as a nun. However, upon seeing Juliet, Romeo completely forgets about Rosaline and becomes determined to win Juliet’s heart. This implies that Romeo is not truly in love with anyone and merely wants a partner for the sake of having one.

Sexuality permeates every aspect of the play, expressed through lewd jokes and the anticipation of Romeo and Juliet to consummate their marriage, yet it does not entirely encompass their love. Instead, their youthful desires contribute to the rapid deepening of their relationship. The hormone-fueled environment surrounding Romeo and Juliet suggests that almost everything revolves around sex. Verona, their hometown, is a place where sexual innuendos and provocative comments are incessant. In such a setting, it is understandable to interpret the young lovers’ relationship as primarily driven by sexual attraction.

Despite being only 16 and 13 years old, Romeo and Juliet feel a strong sexual attraction towards each other that they interpret as love. Their hormones are causing changes in their bodies, leading them to desire attention, sex, and trust. In one scene from the play, Romeo tells the nurse to wait behind the abbey wall while he arranges for someone to bring ropes resembling a ladder. These ropes will help him reach the peak of his happiness during their secret rendezvous at night (2.4.22).

Romeo is making plans for his evening with Juliet, while also considering their wedding. He enjoys both sex and marriage. This shows that teenagers in today’s society often seek relationships to have both sexual intimacy and trust. Although Romeo claims to have a deep love for Juliet, he speaks as if he knows more about love from reading books rather than from personal experience. He entices Juliet by describing love as “a smoke raised with the fume of sighs; Being purified, a fire that sparkles in lovers’ eyes; Being troubled, a sea nourished with lovers’ tears: What else is it? The most discreet madness, A bitter poison and a preserving sweetness” (1. 1. 7).

These verses, spoken by a teenager, demonstrate a surprising level of maturity. The teenager uses intelligent language to compare love to elements such as “fire,” “smoke,” “madness,” and “sea.” Although Juliet appears to be less desperate than Romeo, his words immediately captivate her. The extraordinary and beautiful nature of Romeo’s words effortlessly grab Juliet’s attention. Like any girl, Juliet is attracted to such compliments. If Romeo had said these words to another girl, she would have reacted similarly to Juliet.

True love surpasses mere words and encompasses nonverbal communication and a deep understanding of one another. The swift union of Romeo and Juliet has the capacity to impact the course of their tragic destiny. Had they dedicated more time to genuinely comprehend each other, they could have accurately assessed the extent to which they were willing to sacrifice for their love. Regrettably, it is their deficiency in understanding and inability to communicate effectively that ultimately leads them to their demise.

Summarizing, the time frame of Romeo and Juliet showcases these points and they remain relevant in today’s society. Love goes beyond surface-level qualities and insincere declarations. It involves embracing someone’s flaws and loving them without conditions, perhaps even more so. Both Romeo and Juliet and many teenagers do not fully understand the true meaning of “love.” The play “Romeo and Juliet” conveys that almost everyone will experience their first love, but for many individuals, it may not be their true love and can potentially lead to harm.

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