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Short Story Essay

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Short Story Essay I noticed that i enjoyed most of the storys not only for the obvious reasons such as good charactors, mood, and imagery but also because of writing style and fluency. I noticed some storys I enjoyed reading even thought nothing in it really interested me too much, while other storys that were about topics I usally enjoy reading about I had to put down because I would end up going over every sentence two or three times each.

So on that note I belive the most important part of writing is making it fluent and easy to read. The three storys I will compare and contrast are: “The Jade Peony”,”Horses of the Night”, and “The Masqe of the Red Death.” I intend to fine wether o not the author of these storys was sucessful in making it readable in the sence of comprehanceability and fluency.

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The first story i will be discussing is called “The Jade Peony” by Wayson Choy.

I did not enjoy what this story was about nor did I enjoy reading it. Luckly it was short, If It wasnt I doubt i would have made it throught the whole thing. The main problem with this story was the inconsistance of the sentences, some sentences were too long while others were very short. The only way to truly fix this story would be to re-write it.

The second story I chose to write about is called “Horses of the Night” by Margaret Laurence. I did enjoy reading this short story dipite the fact it seem to jump around alot; it would talk about somthing fairly in-depth then just suddenly jump to a different subject or time-era of the story. The author seem to show very good writing ability however so I think perhaps she did this on purpose either just for somthing different or maybe to give you a break from what she was currently writing about.

And finally the third and personal favourite story i chose to include in this paper is called “The Masqe of the Red Death.” This story is nice and easy to read even though it uses fairly large words and complex sentences. This story just happens to be writen by one of my favourite writers aswell: Edgar Allen Poe. I enjoyed this story mainly because like i said it was easy to read and it was actually challenging to figure out, like much of Poe’s work. The fluency of the story gave you time to just think of what he ment by it.

As you can probibly see the short storys seem to very when it comes to writing fluency and writing structure when it comes to this paticular short story book. One may dissagree with some of my opinions toward these storys but i think to the average novice reader like myself these opinions will stay fairly consistant.

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Category: English

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