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Two of Kafkas most predominate plants, The Trial and The Metamorphosis, are really similar in many facets, yet besides have alone differences. Many of these similarities and differences are really obvious, but besides there are elusive comparings that the reader might non pick up while reading. One would believe, after reading both narratives, that the differences outweigh the similarities, but that is non wholly true. Not merely should the reader position the manner of the authorship when comparing the two, but besides the scene and secret plan of the two narratives. Both narratives relate to loneliness, defeat and persons threatened by anon. forces beyond comprehension or control.

Although the battle between these anon. forces are a batch more apparent in The Metamorphosis, they are besides seen throughout The Trial. In The Metamorphosis, the anon. force is whatever, or whoever, changed Gregor Samsa into an insect. In The Trial, the battle is more complex. Joseph K struggles to happen the true significance behind his apprehension. He searches for replies related to his instance, but no 1 can give him a clear reply as to why he was arrested. Not even the inspector that arrested him,

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These gentlemen here and myself have no standing whatever in this matter of yours, so we know barely anything about it. We might have on the most official uniforms and your instance would non be a penny worse. I can’ t even confirm that you are charged with an discourtesy, or instead, I don’t know whether you are.

As you can see, K has no fortune acquiring information sing his instance. In fact, from the clip he was foremost put under apprehension to when he was killed, he ne’er encountered the anon. force that issued the apprehension. The same is true for The Metamorphosis. Gregor ne’er finds out precisely what turned him in to an insect, and why. This is the dominate issue in both narratives, and a premier illustration of similarity in Kafkas  narratives.

Another similarity in the two narratives is how Kafka used surrealism. Surrealism in The Metamorphosis is obvious, as Gregor’s sudden alteration into a bug is rather phantasmagoric by itself. In The Trial, there are many elusive illustrations. Possibly the best illustration is the scene with the switcher. As K leaves the bank one twenty-four hours, he looks into the timber room, where the warders are acquiring whipped. He pleads for their freedom, but the switcher has no understanding and continues to flog them. When K comes back the following forenoon he notices,

As he passed the lumber-room once more on his manner out he could non defy opening the door. And what confronted him, alternatively of the darkness he had expected, bewildered him wholly. Everything was still the same, precisely as he had found it on opening the door the old evening.

This is merely one illustration, Kafka used surrealism through The Trial, and his other narratives.

Although merely similarities have been mentioned, the two narratives besides have alone differences. One such difference is the manner the two characters handle the anon. force. In The Trial, Joseph K spends much of his free clip seeking and look intoing for information about his instance. This is wholly different so Gregor in The Metamorphosis. Gregor does non seek to calculate out why he has changed, in his instance into an insect, he merely tries to suit his alteration and travel on with his life. The reader sees this when Gregor wakes up, realizes that he has turned into an insect, yet his lone concern is acquiring to work every bit shortly as possible. This is merely one difference between the two books, there are many more.

The similarities and differences that have been discussed are merely a few of several between the narratives. One can easy see that the manner of composing Kafka used is high in both narratives. Kafkas other books, such as The Castle, besides use this alone manner and portion many similarities, and besides differences, with The Trial and The Metamorphosis. Kafkas manner is genuinely alone, as no other writer has portrayed his feelings every bit good as Kafka has. The feeling that no affair what you do, in an blink of an eye, something can drastically alter your life, everlastingly.

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