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Queenie randomly left the house to a party at the state nine after a bicker with her hubby. Arthur. Later. she left the nine and invited her friends over for another drink. Queenie arrived at place 10 proceedingss before her friends. At the door she informed her friends that Arthur had slipped and fell on the steps when he was coming down for another drink. and that she thought he was dead. The necropsy confirmed he was rummy and died from a lesion on the caput. The inquiry is. did he steal or did she trip him? When you look closer you can reason that Queenie killed Arthur. Arthur and Queenie had a crevice doing it clear that she had the motivation to slay him. The narrative says she tore out of the house. so it must hold been a pretty intense battle sing she had to go forth. The nutrient cookery on the range may be seen as grounds of Queenie’s artlessness. Peoples could reason that she would non hold had clip to kill him if she was cooking. However. we do non cognize that he died within the 10 proceedingss she was place. She could hold killed him before she even left to the party. Besides. if you look at the nutrient you see smoke lifting from it. That is an index of burned nutrient. significance she was non paying much attending.

These are two valid points for the quandary that can assist turn out the guiltiness of Queenie. Looking at the carpet. wall. the glass in Arthur’s manus. and his apparels you see that everything is in top status. When falling down the steps a individual would drop anything in their manus to catch their autumn but Arthur has an unbroken cup in his manus. Clothes should besides be at least a small askew. His apparels are orderly. no grounds of the whipping person would hold after stumbling down the steps. The carpet would hold been pushed out of place. but it is non disturbed. If Arthur had fallen. Queenie would non hold been worried about the province her deluxe place was in. or his apparels. Unless those little inside informations could bring out something more. Queenie had a really bantam figure ; she was 5 pes 6 and 110 lbs. It could be assumed that she could non kill a adult male every bit large as Arthur. But. the necropsy confirmed he was rummy.

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Knowing he was drunk. it was really possible for a miss like Queenie to be able to kill him. Arthur was lying on his dorsum at the underside of the stepss ; his weaponries sprawled to his sides. and his pess up on the step. If he truly fell down the steps he would hold fallen on his tummy. No affair what the ground he fell was. he would non hold fallen on his dorsum. Besides. when traveling down the steps he would hold been keeping onto the rail. The rail was on the left side coming down the steps and the glass was in his left manus. If he was traveling down the steps it would non hold been in that manus. Peoples might oppugn the fact that Queenie was holding friends over if she killed her hubby. This piece of the narrative might do her expression guiltless. but it was ten proceedingss before her friends got at that place.

She waited far excessively long to name an ambulance or the constabulary. Anyone with any common sense would hold instantly called for aid and non waited for their friends to make anything. It makes sense that she did non name right off if she killed him because she would be concealing grounds. The grounds found does non back up Queenie’s claim. We can reason from the status and place of both the house and Arthur. the hesitancy to acquire aid. the clear motivation. and the easy state of affairs that Queenie killed Arthur.

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