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“ The Story of an Hour ” , by Kate Chopin, is a narrative of a adult female who, through the mistakenly reported decease of her hubby, experienced true freedom. Both tragic and dry, the narrative trades with the boundaries imposed on adult females by society in the 19th century. The writer, Kate Chopin, like the character in her narrative, had first-hand experience with the male-dominated society of that clip and had experienced the decease of her hubby at a immature age ( Internet ) . The similarity between Kate Chopin and Louise Mallard can merely go forth us to inquire how much of this narrative is fiction and how much is personal experience. Indeed, Louise Mallard and Kate Chopin ’ s lives are really similar and dry. Louise ’ s life began one time she came to the realisation that she could populate for herself. During this “ hr ” she felt true joy and freedom, but her life ended suddenly as her hubby walked through the door. Like Mrs. Mallard, Chopin ’ s composing calling began one time her hubby died. She wrote a few aggregations of short narratives, but when she began showing her feminist positions, the critics walked through the door and her life as a author was over.

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The scene of the narrative takes topographic point at the Mallard ’ s house when Richards and Josephine find out that Mrs. Mallard ’ s hubby, Brently, has been killed in a train accident. Mrs. Mallard has a bosom disease, so Richards and Josephine decide to state her every bit gently as possible so she will non happen out someplace else and suffer from a bosom onslaught. On the “ snorkel ” degree, the narrative appears to be about how Mrs. Mallard deals with the intelligence of the decease of her hubby. On a “ scuba ” degree, nevertheless, the narrative is about the feeling of intense joy that Mrs. Mallard experiences when she realizes that she is free from the influences of her hubby and the effects of happening out that her new-found freedom is non to be. In this fantastic short narrative, Chopin explains that freedom and life should be together, or non at all.

Freedom is what Louise Mallard longs for. Mrs. Mallard reacts really different to the intelligence, than a normal married woman might respond to the decease of her hubby. She loves her hubby but is non happy with her life. After the tragic intelligence, she envisions her life as being Fuller. She does non give herself clip to believe upon the topic, but instantly starts sobbing because that was the reaction she thought she should give. Chopin writes, “ she did non hear the narrative as many adult females have heard the same … she wept at one time ” ( par.3 ) . This was non a reaction of merely emotions, but besides of how

she thought she should respond in forepart of her household and friends. After locking herself in the purdah of her sleeping room, she begins to acknowledge things that one might non believe of after a loved 1 has merely passed off. “ She could see in the unfastened square before her house the tops of trees that were all aquiver with the new spring life ( par. 5 ) .“ This is the point at which she begins to cover with the grieving procedure, but besides starts to recognize the beauty of life. She begins to see that there is so much more to populate for. “ She sank, pressed down by a physical exhaustion that haunted her organic structure “ ( par. 4 ) . She tries to comfort her injury and hurting, for she can experience the toll it is taking on her bosom. She can experience her bosom get downing to neglect her, but she starts to visualize her life as being better. “Free, free, free“ ( par. 11 ) , Louise chanted. She feels free because Brently is dead, and she can now make everything she’s of all time dreamed of. “There were spots of bluish sky demoing here and at that place through the clouds that had met and piled one above the other in the West confronting her window” ( par. 6 ) .” The clouds piled on top of each other represent her bosom job, her husband’s decease, and the other bad things that have bombarded her at one time. The spots of bluish sky represent the hope of her new and better life that she wants to get down. The hope those things can acquire better. She understood that there would be no suppression any more, no “powerful will bending” her personality. Filled with the feeling of felicity and vision of the free life, Mrs. Mallard came out of the room. Precisely at this minute, when everything was so first-class, the catastrophe struck.

Brently Mallard, who was supposed to be dead, entered the house. He reentered Louise ’ s universe and put an terminal to her new life. Mrs. Mallard knew that all her dreams, visions, and programs, were ruined. At that blink of an eye, she was faced with world. She realized that with his return, nil would travel the manner she planned. The life that she hated so much was non traveling to alter. She realized that she would populate as Brently ’ s married woman for the remainder of her being, and ne’er experience true freedom. The same “ grey cloud ” covered her and the atoms of her broken dreams. Unfortunately, Louise couldn ’ t digest the returning of her hubby, and she collapsed with a bosom onslaught. As physicians said afterwards, it was the “ joy ” that killed her. Rather than holding freedom and life together, Louise chose to non hold life at all. Ironically, even though her life was cut short, she left it merrily to travel on, possibly, to a topographic point where she ’ d be free forever!

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