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Summary of Noli Me Tangere

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Early English translations Of the novel used titles like An Eagle Eight (1900) and The Social Cancer (1912). Disregarding the symbolism of the title. But the more recent translations were published using the original Latin title. It has also been noted by French writer D. Belittlement that “Noel me teenager” was a name used by ophthalmologists for cancer of the eyelids. That as an ophthalmologist himself Racial was influenced by this fact is suggested in his dedication, “To My Country’.

In the patriotic novel Noel Me Teenager, Jose Racial shaped the minds and opened the eyes of his fellow Filipinos to the abuse they suffered at the hands of tyrannical Spanish authorities.

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Summary of Noli Me Tangere
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He proved that the pen is mightier than the sword. He symbolically painted a portrait quite similar to the conditions of the Philippines during that time. Racial introduces the character Tijuana Crisscross Barbara, the only son of Don Rafael Barbara, friend of Maria Clara, supposed daughter of Capitan Taiga.

Barbara was like his father Don Rafael endeavourers for reform primarily in the area of education in order to eliminate poverty and improve the lives to his countrymen.

Upon his return in the Philippines after seven years study in Europe a celebration was hell On learning about is fathers demise and the denial of a Catholic burial for his father Barbara was provoked to hit Padre Admass which eventually lead to his excommunication and the engagement to Maria Clara avgas broken.

The excommunication was later rescinded upon the intervention Of the Governor General. The Story Of Alias was a tale of pathos and tragedy. Alias was educated in Jesuit College in Manila while his sister studied La Concordia College. They lived happily until one day an Old male servant whom they used to abuse was their real father. Alias and his sister oft Tablas to hide their share in another place. On day his sister disappeared. Alias roamed from place to place looking to her until he met Barbara.

Padre Salvia, Brass’s mortal enemy accused Barbara of insurrection. Brass’s letter to his beloved Maria Clara was used against him. Later in the story, Maria Clara will tell Barbara that she did not conspire to indict him. She was compelled to give Brass’s letter in exchange for the letters of her mother before she was born. Maria Clara found out that the letters of her mother were addressed to Padre Admass about heir unborn child which means that she is the biological daughter Of the priest and not to her tatter, Capitan Taiga.

Barbara was able to escape the prison with Alias, who also experienced injustice with the authorities. Barbara able to speak with Maria Clara about the letters and thereafter forgave her. From his letter, she realized that her real father was padre Admass. Barbara and Alias flee to the lake and were chased by the Guardia Civil. One was shot and the other survives. Upon hearing the news, Maria Clara believed that Barbara was dead; she entered the nunnery instead of marrying Alfonse Liners.

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