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Mark Twain Summary



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    “Advice to Youth” is a very well thought out speech written by Mark Twain. This lecture was brought out in 1882. “Advice to Youth” is an entertaining speech advising the youth about setting a strong foundation in their lives. The youth according the Mark Twain are in their early tender years and this time will be best used to set a seed in their lives so they can be prosper when becoming adults. “Advice to Youth” will have you hooked on all the way till the end.

    Mark Twain broke down his lecture into six different parts which he assumed would be the key points to advice the youth. As a starter Twain began to advice the youth by telling them to obey their parents, when they are present. Twain in his sarcastic ways set an advice to youth that when parents are around to be at their best behavior to avoid any arguments, but when parents leave do as you please because they won’t be there and won’t know what is actually going on. The second advice was to be respectful to superiors, if you have any, also to strangers, and sometimes to others.

    Twain tells the youth to throw a brick, now that’s not what he literally meant. Twain is simply stating learn how to play the game. Don’t actually throw a brick, if silence is your best weapon than put it to work when disrespected or wait for the perfect moment for the unexpected comeback. Twain lectures the youth about going to bed early and waking up early, he states to be like a lark and not bring your day to a waste but make the most of it while you can. My favorite advice Twain gives in this speech is to be wise about lying.

    Twain gives an example about the monument in Boston, a man who discovered anesthesia but in reality he stole to discovery from another man. Now the monument is still standing but the lie in the monument will outlast a million years. Twain advices to avoid lying and practice more speaking the truth, but if you really practice your lying and you are experienced then do it if not practice the gracious and beautiful art of lying. In the speech the youth is advised to never handle firearms carelessly.

    He relates to a story about a grandmother and her grandson. Twain briefly explains that firearms are the most dangerous and deadliest material created by man. The last advice Twain gives to the youth is to go read. Twain advices the youth to be careful with the selection of books these chose to feed their brains with. “Advice to Youth” was the most effective speech I have ever encountered. It gave advices to all the youth about the simplest things in life that the youth ignores and makes their lives harder.

    Mark came across points that effect everyday youth and will help make their lives easier and create a foundation in their lives. Twain’s sarcasm throughout the speech made it a light-hearted, entertaining lecture to read and easy to understand. His sarcasm helps others to really analyze what he is trying to prove in his lecture. The title fits the lecture perfect, “Advice to Youth”, this is lecture really reaches out its audience and advices them to really fix themselves and create a foundation to prosper as adults.

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