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The Inhumanity of Death Penalty

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Indonesia has been increasing. All kinds of criminality either serious crime or not have a law to punish those criminal. A very serious crime is considered to get the death penalty. This punishment is a symbol of violation and across the line of humanity in Indonesia, a country that follows the Financial, one of whose principles is Just and civilized humanity. Thus, death penalties based on retaliation are no longer appropriate (Winnetka and McDonald, 2011). Death penalty’s also not effective to stop the criminality.

Therefore death penalty should be banned as a form of enmeshment In Indonesia.

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The Inhumanity of Death Penalty
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In his book The Second Greatest Crime of the Century, Griswold mention that Indonesia has been known as a democratic country which choosiest the human rights as the priority for the prosperous of the citizen. The question that becomes an Issue is “what about the prisoner who gets the death penalty? Are they worth it? Do they still deserve for the human rights? ‘ The answer is every human being in Indonesia has their own human rights.

It’s a barbaric act to take away a life from a person even though he already done a very serious crime.

There’s no reason to claim that death penalty is worth for any crime because it’s not a punishment which can make a prisoner get punished but it just takes someone’s lifeblood they get the consequences of what they have done. “If it is to be an “eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth” this will soon be a blind and toothless… ” Means that as a cultural society have to move away from the “eye-for-an-eye” revenge mentality for the advance of civilization. By taking a criminal’s life, It Is not giving a good Image In public.

It even sakes the relative of the criminal feel unfair. In our society, many cases chows that “eye for an eye” revenge is becoming our behavior. There is possibilities for the relative or friends of the criminal make a revenge to the victim because they feel that their relatives (the criminal) death caused by the victim. So, by killing a criminal it even create a chance for another crime. A perspective that sees the death penalty as the worst and an effective punishment can be denied because there is nothing worst than getting a physic and mental punishment.

The most important part of any punishment is the mental part” (Franklin, 2005). Therefore there is another effective punishment besides death penalty because it Just gives a physic punishment that even does not end any longer for the criminal to feel It. The better way to punish someone Is by a life sentence. Knowing them selves will rot In penitentiary will torture their mentality In a different way. They will feel that they do not have a life but they sully live In a cage, alone with no one who cares about them. And It Is albacores of what they have done.

It is absolutely the better way than the death the death penalty as a form of punishment can give criminals another chance to kill. Deleting the system of capital punishment doesn’t mean to give a freedom right away to the criminal. As written in the previous paragraph, life sentence is meant to be isolation to the prisoner so they could feel the tense of remorse. There is no chance to make another crime for those who got a life sentence. As written by Jefferson (2012) inlay. S. NEWS that the possibility of spending life in a prison has no chance of release.

Some people also claim that the capital punishment give a lesson to stop doing crime for the criminal. It is definitely unproven. As a matter of fact, even though the country determining the death penalty as a form of punishment, it does not make the number of creditableness. Let’s take an example from China, a country which has the biggest number of death penalty. As mention in assassin- news “… China faces a new threat of widespread crime and violence this year… Criminal prosecutions increased by more than 10 percent in 2009, and public security cases increased by about 20 percent… . It means there is no used to give the death penalty if it does not change the cardinalities number. The Justice to give a human being a death penalty is equal as the criminal who killed people. It is illogical, inhuman, and improper because death penalty merely gives a symbol of violation in the society. Life sentence is the best choice to punish a felon with serious crime. It does not Just punish the felon physically but also mentally. Therefore, it would be better if the death penalty should be banned as a form of punishment in Indonesia.

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