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When one makes the passage from kid to adult. they must do the determination to either follow the traits they have developed. or to see mistake and alter the jobs before the clip to make so has yesteryear. It takes strength to utilize the positive traits one possesses. and it takes even more strength to measure the negative traits and liberate the positive 1s. Alan Alda ( American histrion ) one time said that “You have to go forth the metropolis of your comfort and travel into the wilderness of your intuition. What you’ll discover will be fantastic.

What you’ll discover is yourself. ” Before decease. a individual needs to interrupt their boundaries. and happen the security of cognizing their individuality. otherwise one could travel through an full life. larning all they could about life ; but burying all about their ego. Another cardinal factor act uponing our personality is our environment. A society invariably altering for the worse is no topographic point for a individual to turn or shack. In Khaled Hosseini’s “the Kite Runner” . Afghanistan is a topographic point of cultural distinction. civil war and darkness.

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Amir. Baba. and Hassan’s individualities. are all illustrations of different ways a person’s personality and scruples could develop in this oppressive clip in Afghanistan’s history. Amir finds peace in who he is through great mental torment and unsafe determinations. Baba’s weak traits are discovered. and Hassan manages to continue his Good Samaritan life style whilst contending off the turmoil’s of being a Hazara male child. The Kite Runner focuses chiefly on the subjects of individuality and self-actualization. Amir from the beginning of the novel was ne’er perfect in the eyes of his male parent. Baba.

During Rahim Khans visit early in the narrative. Amir overhears Baba talking about how Amir is weak and dissatisfactory. that “a male child who can non stand up for himself becomes a adult male who can non stand up for anything. ” ( 24 ) This is an of import quotation mark. because it foremost introduces Amir’s most dominant trait through his childhood. his cowardliness. Baba’s reluctance to praise Amir stems from Baba’s incredulity in his bravery. Amir rather frequently was defended by Hassan in times of problem. whether the cause was Assef or non. Then when it was Hassan who was in demand. Amir was over shrouded by his fright.

Amir had felt guilt until his reaching in Pakistan. ““That was a long clip ago. but it’s incorrect what they say about the yesteryear. I’ve learned. about how you can bury it. Because the past claws its manner out. Looking back now. I realize I have been glancing into that deserted back street for the last 26 old ages. ” ( 1 ) Amir made the determination to salvage Sohrab from the Taliban ( Assef ) was the minute in his life. where he eventually felt at peace. Salvaging Sohrab was his manner of deriving up the bravery to salvage Hassan. After the deliverance of Sohrab. Amir’s scruples had cleared and he could eventually populate his life.

Amir’s passion for literature was another illustration of his self-actualization. He would ever read to Hassan. due to Hassan’s illiteracy. Amir wished in the hereafter to prosecute a grade in English. but this thought was hurriedly dismissed by Baba and Amir began turning to a adult male with even less assurance. Amir pondered the ideas of his male parent resenting him. which at a immature age is a awful load for him to keep. The grounds of this hatred was displayed in Amir’s face. and as a immature kid. he is non intelligent plenty to recognize his father’s love. and it bothered him greatly.

Rahim Khan seemed to be the lone grownup in Amir’s life who supported the thought of his hereafter in literature. He would read. and demo great involvement in Amir’s story’s ; every bit good as instill hope in Amir with positive feedback. Rahim Khan was the flicker that ignited the of all time firing fire of Amir’s literary passion. To the reader early on. Baba is the prototype of a adult male. He is introduced as a adult male that will stand up for his loved 1s. whether it’s a life or decease state of affairs. He speaks of Amir like he has no bravery whatsoever. which gives the reader some thought of how much Baba values making the right thing.

When Baba and Amir flee Kabul. Baba risks his life to forestall the colza of a adult female he doesn’t even cognize. This drastic act of bravery and compassion for his fellow adult male is animating and sets the moral saloon for Baba really high. When Amir arrives in Pakistan. he is distraught at the intelligence he hears from Rahim Khan sing Hassan being his stepbrother and Baba’s boy. Amir now knows. that the hurting he felt from Baba’s bitterness was strictly a by-product of the hurting Baba feels about Hassan. Baba’s character takes a moral blow in the position of the reader. and to many it ne’er recovers.

After hearing of the intelligence. Amir’s treachery of Hassan is now really reminiscent of his father’s ; demoing more similarity between them than known before. Amir now knows. Baba’s bitterness. was him demoing he is excessively weak to be known as the adult male who slept with a Hazara. Baba tells Amir in chapter 3 that “there is merely one wickedness. merely one. And that is theft. Every other wickedness is a fluctuation of larceny. ” ( 19 ) it’s dry that Baba says this because he stole Ali’s award. Amir’s right to a brother. and Hassan’s individuality.

While all the drastic self-fulfillment of the characters was taking topographic point. Hassan. managed to maintain his same and ideal individuality. Hassan was righteous and strong. the ideal symbol of the Muslim Religion and every other ; to be pure and good. Amir’s bitterness towards Hassan after his colza by Assef did non unnerve Hassan a spot. Hassan was about excessively pure to experience any compunction towards Amir. they grew up together. and Amir was his best friend. Even after Amir had lied to Baba to throw out Ali and Hassan from their place. Hassan felt no different towards them.

He cared for their place while they resided in America ; he even stayed in his and Ali’s same hut instead than the house to demo regard. His truenesss to Amir and Baba stayed faithful until his decease in the really place that he was practically raised in. He said he was caring for it for a friend. and the Taliban called him a prevaricator like all Hazara’s. and killed him in the streets. every bit good as his married woman. Amir might hold made different picks in his life had he non plotted to do Hassan and Ali leave. but amidst the cowardliness shown by both Amir and Baba. appeared a male child with the ethical motives of an angel.

No 1 can populate life without recognizing their true individuality. and as the narrative ends ; the characters take with them new traits. good or bad. Amir realizes his intent in life. and he saved a life in the procedure of find of his ain individuality. Baba is reviled to be similar to a great dike with a cleft. viewed as great and powerful. but in bend ; the concluding position of him is weaker than the original sentiment of the reader. Hassan through convulsion. struggle. and bitterness. stayed true to himself and stayed loyal till his decease. One could larn all there is to cognize. but without cognizing their true individuality. it is a life non lived.

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