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Brave New World – Novel

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Brave New World Essay In his novel Brave New World Aldous Huxley tells of a future world where there is no individuality but instead a world of science and uniformity. In this dystopian world there is a character named Bernard Marx. Huxley used Bernard Marx to show the power struggle humans face. He did this by showing Marx in the beginning as a person with little power and an outcast to the others. But through the book gains power but his grows a large ego because of it.

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Brave New World – Novel
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This shows that the World State isn’t perfect but is in fact a dystopia. The character Bernard Marx in the beginning was an outcast among his fellow Alphas because of his views on the World State and his appearance. An example of this was in the locker room of the Hatchery where Lenina and Fanny were talking about men and Bernard’s name came up and Fanny talked about the fact that Bernard was smaller than the other Alphas.

OR that he never did the things the people thought were fun.

But Bernard went on a vacation with Lenina to a savage reservation where they met John who was born of two parents from the World State but was born in the reservation and now lives with his mother. Bernard convinces John to come to the World State which in turn made Bernard a celebrity who could get any girl he wanted to at the expense of John. This experience was new to Bernard being previously the outcast. But Bernard didn’t know how to handle the power he now possessed so he grew a giant ego. This shows the struggle with power that humans face.

The character John though didn’t like the attention he was getting from being so different from everyone else. So John started lashing out on everyone. This in turn made Bernard loose his celebrity status among others for bringing the crazy savage trying to ruin their “happy” lives. So this sent Bernard back to where he started at the beginning. The character Bernard Marx was a perfect example of the power struggle humans face. This is also showing that society isn’t perfect like the World State tried to be. This is because society outcasts those who are different from the majority.

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