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The Mr. Linder Libairy

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  • Pages 6
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    It all began when she saw him. Little did she know that he would later steal her heart and become an dangerous part of her life. The caw! caw! cawing!(O) of one exasperating crow kept me up all night. It has been twenty-four hours since I graduated, and summer has just began. Anyways, I got zero sleep last night. It is 6:30 in the morning, I go to my balcony and see the sun is like a scared child’s night light (S). For a radiant summer morning, it was quiet cool and peaceful. I realized I would not have a fun summer because I have to leave early for college. This means leaving my friends behind and not being able to have one last summer ride with them. As my parents drive me to the airport, I am wearing my favorite shirt- sleeveless, white crossed laced; I am wearing it as a farewell gesture(I). The plane lands, I call an uber to go to my apartment. As the vehicle stop, I nervously head toward my new home. The landlord is outside waiting for me. With a bright smile, she says, “Are you Isa?”

    “Yes ma’am”, I say politely. As we are walking to my apartment room she explains and clarifies our contract agreement, she makes sure I understand everything so they are no problems later. While talking to the landlord in bump my head on someone. I look up and see a guy. I can’t help notice that he has tousled dark brown hair, which is thick and lustrous. His eyes are a mesmerising deep blue ocean, flecks of silvery light performed ballets throughout. His face is strong and defined, his features molded from granite. Right when I am about to say sorry, he cuts me off! “Watch where you’re going!”, I thought that he was beautiful but rude. “Who is he?”, I asked the landlord, while I turn around to look at him. She was teasing me, and asked if I thought he was cute. “Yess, I mean no…um I mean he is but like…” I say with embarrassment.

    The landlord takes me to my apartment room 206. She laughingly explained to me that the guy was my neighbor and left. Everything was already arranged in my room which made me happy. I jumped on my bed, and it was is as soft and fluffy as a cloud (S). I soon start thinking about my mysterious neighbor. Thinking, what kind of person he is?, I giggle and fall asleep with the mysterious guy on my mind. Summer had gone quick and school had officially started. As I am walking out the elevator to my apartment, and the cute guy walks out his door and straight into me. This guy doesn’t even help me up and just stares at me and walks to the elevator.  “Jerk”, I whisper. As I am opening my door I suddenly felt a shiver down my spine.I have actually made a friend in one of my class his name was Alex. We start talking about random stuff but, I got distracted when I saw my strange neighbor walk into the lecture hall.

    “Who’s that guy over there?”, I asked it totally curiosity. Alex explained that his name was Damon, when I told him the story about our inounter he freaked out. “The hottest guy on CAMPUS LIVES NEXT DOOR”, he said like a horn on a truck(S). Damon looked up and smirked at me and starts walking towards. “Can I sit next to you?”, asked Damon. His dulcet tone embraces the air like the evening perfume of night flowers(M). “Sure…”, blushingly I said. He smiled at me and could feel my body getting hot, I was nervous. He said mannerily, “Hello, my name is Damon. I’m the guy that lives next door.”. “Ah yes, my name is Isa”, I replied. Couple of weeks have pass and me and Alex are at a cafe in town. We were doing homework, but got off track and start talking about Damon. I tell alex that I hadn’t really every talk to him after our first lecture and didn’t see why. Alex was relieved but I didn’t understand why because it was unexpected.

    “Well because he’s complicated. He isn’t a good person, and it’s wise not to get attached to him, he’s kinda dangerous”, Alex worrily said. But was curious to now what Alex meant. “What do you mean by dangerous?” He explained that he was in a gang and so are couple of his friends All of a sudden he stops talking? “What’s wrong, Alex”, worryingly I looked behind me was found a guy with black jacket leaning on the wall staring at me and Alex. I was asking who he is, but Alex gave no response. I was just getting concern. Alex began to tell me that the guy was in the same gang as Damon and that he was dangerous. I quickly looked at the guy and turned away. Within a second he slammed his hand on the table, with a smirk saying, “What up cutie, I’m Chris”, I was terrified, He was trying to ask me out on a date and with a attitude like his I would never go with him “No, I’m really sorry”, I said bluntly. He was mad.

    “Why! I’m handsome”, he said with great pride. Did he just asked why, he must be stupid because I was losing brain cells from his comment. He was definitely took that offense like I hurt his pride or something. “NO ONE DISRESPECTS ME”, he said with superiority. He was about to punch me, “WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING TO HER!?”, argued Damon I was surprised he was protecting me. DAMON was protecting me! Somehow this whole thing turned into a brawl and Damon was injured with cuts and bruises. I don’t know how but, I was in his apartment mostly to treat his wounds. I’m sittin on his couch while he went to go get the first-aid kit. Damon seemed anxious and I was nervous. “That must have been a shock”, He said laughingly trying to lighten the mood. “Huh?”, I said disoriently. There was an awkward silence. As I began to help with his wound I could tell he was in pain. I felt terrible that he got hurt because of me and said thank you, but he is confused to why I said “Thank you”, to him. “Umm for helping me before, for defending me”. I was trying to control my face from getting red.

    “I just didn’t want to see the girl I like get hurt”, he smiled. I began to blush excessively and didn’t know what to say after. “But I’m not the guy for you”, he was serious I was in utter confusion, he admit that he likes me and now he says he not the one for me. He smirked, “I’m dangerous, I’m a book you never wanna open”. “But still I’m not the one for you, you would get hurt”, he was dull. I had gotten angry, “Well I’m supposed to decide whether I associate myself with you.” “I warned you”, he snickered. He had dark eyebrows, which sloped downwards in a serious expression. His perfect lips ripe for a kiss. His strong hands held mine as he stared deep into my eyes. I couldn’t help but blush. His voice was deep, with an serious tone. His lips brushed my ear as he spoke, ‘Thank you, beautiful.’ It then came upon her. A feeling she would remember for the rest of her life, she was falling hard for him. He had warned her about the “book”. Now it was to late. She had fallen for a dangerous person.

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