Why Sexting is a Big Problem for People

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Sexting has been a problem for many people especially young people growing up in today’s society due to the increase in the growth rate of social media apps and technology. But therefore sexting isn’t always bad it can actually help improve and restore a dying relationship. For the past years, much has changed in terms of peoples views on young people and third sexuality on sexting and the consequences that are associated with sexting. If we fast forward a generation or two to the present day world, you would see that the social and sexual landscape has dramatically changed in a big way. Sex is becoming less import and becoming less dangerous for many young people still growing up. Sex isn’t taken as serious anymore young underage people are getting access to pornography at younger ages because there is not as much parental guidance. More and more young people are having sex majority of them are underage. Sexting is also referred as sexual content that is communicated through social networking sites, text messages, cellular devices, or the or transferring of pictures of exclusive private content. Sharing forwarding sexually continent or nude pictures from the web or cellular devices.

There are many aspects to sexting, for example, sexting is also linked to a viral of activities to that may lead to sexual pleasure but also leads bullying and sexual harassment. Sexting has become more knowledgeable as a regular thing to young people because of the easy access to pornography sites this has destroyed lives and has caused an emotional breakdown among young people. Sexting makes a teen feel more accepted and to be popular. But young people don’t see the consequences that they are getting themselves into they don’t see the negative effect that it has on their reputation. The generation that people live in today aren’t all good people once a text is sent that person has the choice to forward the picture to whoever they want tooWhy kids sext Hanna Rosin In this article it talks about teens sending nudes and that over 19% of students have sent an explicit nude to another person cellular device while in high school. Sexting has a gain controlling an amount of publicity in the in the past years through social media. For example, Snapshot, Myspace, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter but Snapchat had been known for being able to send pictures and after a certain amount of seconds, the picture erases. Also its know for notifying people if they screenshot or screen record it will automatically notify the person. About 38% of teens have been reported of having received a nude from another person from their cellular device. Not knowing the risk that they are taking or the risk they are putting their lives and other lives in danger.

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Sexing may be fun at the moment but what people don’t think about is what if your picture gets out to the world and over social media. That could ruin your reputation and can change peoples thought of you.This article helped me because it helps me to see the dangers of sexting and what is the risk of it. I would’ve never thought that just send an explicit picture could come with all of this extra stuff that I would never think about and this really taught me a lesson not to send a picture to anybody that makes me feel uncomfortable. Even if I think that I know the person very well you can never really know because there’s always a what if this what is that. I am very glad that I choose this story because it also talks about that 7% of the people that receive a sext have forwarded that picture to another person. Think like this is what I don’t like because you should be able to have trust and without trust, there isn’t anything. Especially with things like this if that has gotten around it can really hurt a person; therefore, I am glad that I read this article about why kids sext and the dangers of it. As technology improves it makes bullying easier What is technology exactly? Technology who doesn’t love it being able to just make life a whole lot easier. Today technology had become beneficial to us in many ways. Today’s generation people use their technology to help them accomplish many aspects of their everyday lives. Social media is also so much easier now you can just look up a name on a social media and be able to find an old friend from many years ago. Teachers have stopped asking the student to bring in a paper because now students can just email their papers to their teachers within just a couple of minutes.

But just as much as you think that technology can help you it can also hurt you in many ways that people couldn’t even imagine of. Many students communicate through text Technology has increased the bullying rate by 40%.Using technology to bully students can cause a student to commit suicide or have suicidal thoughts. It is so much easier for kids to get bullied because of the fact of being able to text a a mean and hurtful thing to put others down through a cellular device or just through social media. Bullying has also improved with the use of cellphones and social media students can now bully another student just by sending a text message saying many hurtful things to put them down and they could remain anonymous. Many of these social media sites that may contain bullying are Facebook, Myspace, Youtube, Instagram, Twitter, and Sarah. Technology is very dangerous because anything that you put on the internet is their forever. Nobody wants to get blackmail because of something that they sent, and it got into the wrong hands of another person. As we live our everyday lives technology improves from bullying gets easier. Although many people believe that sexting can tear and rip a relationship apart believe it or not it can actually bring a failing relationship together.

Many people focus on the bad and the negative effect of sexting but they don’t see the positive effect that it has on people. Sexting can help too and improve a long distance relationship that is falling apart. 28% of men and 17% of woman have sent a sext to their partner. People tend to actually prefer to sext their partner because of their relationship with each other is so strong. In a relationship trust is the key to making it work. sexting is all about trust being able to trust your partner when it comes to sending each other explicit pictures. Being able to trust your partner with you with your most private information can and will create a very strong bond between the both of you that can’t be broken. Sexting is also a good way learn more about a person and the thing that they like and the things that they dislike. We can all agree that most relationships are stressful and can cause anxiety but however, texting can help to get you through the rough and stressful times because they will remind you that you are not alone in this situation alone. Therefor Sexting in your relationship can help your relationship if it starts for fall to help you again that static that you both have for each other again. About 90 percent of people try sexting at least once in their lives and the people that have been reported the reported to having a higher level of sexual satisfaction. Sexing is most definitely easy as a 1,2,3 but it is starting to change the views of others of nude pictures it is very important that the both of the two partners have each other consent before doing so and that both partners agree with each other and both are very interested in doing it. what I am saying is that to make sure that neither has to feel that they are pressured into doing something that they don’t what to do. Therefor sexting between young underage people don’t see the negative effect that sexting will cause them in the future because of the lack of parental guidance. However sexting can also be beneficial in to a falling relationship or a long distance relations to help spice up the taste between the two couples.

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