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Why Volcanos Erupt

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Once upon a time, very long ago, there was a terrible flood, and the world was in danger. Almost all people lost their homes, and were in search for new places to live. A man named Chucky, and his followers came to and unknown land, in search of housing. There they discovered a long range of gigantic hills. Chucky immediately wanted to make these “mountains” the group’s home. However, the much wiser member of the group, Bobby, decided it would be right to ask the Great Spirit is they could live there, rather than just trespassing.

Chucky and the rest of the group agreed, to Bobby’s proposition. Then Bobby asked the Great Spirit of these hills, if they could live there and the great spirit replied “Yes, u may live on the precious mountains, as long as u do not harm any of the wildlife, as it was there home first, and your should respect them. With patience I will provide you with all you need to survive.

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Why Volcanos Erupt
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” Bobby discussed the terms with the rest of the group, and they all agreed.

The great spirit of the mountain then gave the group permission to live there. The group loved this area, as it was plentiful in food, surrounded by trees, had tons of water, and full of wildlife. One day, while Chuck was fetching water for the group, he noticed, that there were many fish in the water. The group was growing hungrier. Chuck decided to take some of these fish back to the group and eat them. The minute chuck removed the fish, and killed it, the Great Spirit grew furious. It caused itself to erupt, and the entire group and the mountain were destroyed. All the wildlife on the mountains was spared. And now, every once and awhile when people harm the mountains, they too remember and erupt.

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