African Americans in Business and Politic

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How did congress react to repeated Southern attempts to stop blacks from exercising political power? A. Passed the 15th Amendment Q. What did Rutherford B Hayes promise in order to win the Election of 1876? A. Promised he would allow redemption to occur in SC, FL, and LA Q. How did Reconstruction end? A. Hayes Tilden Compromise Q. How did democrats limit African American political power in the South, even if African Americans were voting? A. Creatively drew congressional districts so fewest blacks could vote (Gerrymandering) Q.

How did railroad companies feel about segregation? A. Opposed idea because they didn’t want added cost of maintaining separate cars Q. What was the stated reason given for many lynchings? A. Black men raped white women Q. What were actual reasons for many lynchings? A. Many African American’s competed with whites in business Q. How did Ida B. Wells work to bring about change for African Americans? A. Journalist and paper owner, published documented statistical reports on lynchings, founded 1st suffarage organization for African American women Q. What was Ida B.

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Wells 1st protest action? A. Sued railroad company Q. Whose murder Inspired Ida B. Wells to take on the cause of lynching? A. Her best friend Q. How old was Ida B Wells when she assumed responsibility for her younger siblings? A. 16 Q. How long was Ida B Wells exiled from South for raising issue of lynchings so forcefully and successfully? A. 30 years Q. What difficulties did African American children face in trying to get an education in late 19th century? A. Rural area schools open limited time, no black high schools, and education was limited to primary education Q.

What was talented tenth? A. top 10% of African American Society Q. What was NOT a belief of Booker T. Washington about opportunities for African Americans? A. Believed African Americans should work for right to vote while they worked for economic success Q. Where did most African American Soldiers after Civil War spend their time? A. In the West fighting indeginous people Q. Why did African Americans serve in Spanish American War? A. Hoped to demonstrate their bravery and worth to whites and thereby eliminate racism and hostility Q.

Which of the following is TRUE about African American’s in business in late 19th Century? A. In order to succeed in business they generally had to cater to African Americans Q. What organization did Marcus Garvey form in Jamaica in 1914? A. Universal Negro Improvement Association (UNIA) Q. Garvey wanted to establish a settlement in Liberia. What stopped him? A. US Government blocked his request to League of Nations Q. How did African American leaders, like DuBois, view Garvey? A. Continually denigrated him and his ideas Q. For what proposal is Garvey best remembered? A.

Establishing Black Star Line, group of steamships Q. W. E. B. DuBois was primary organizer of Pan African Congress A. True Q. What’s true about DuBois Beliefs regarding self-rule in Africa? A. Believed at the time Africans were not able to govern themselves Q. Who originated the Niagra Movement? A. W. E. B. DuBois Q. What’s True about Early NAACP? A. White leaders dominated and financed it Q. What was true about black upper class in Early 20th century? A. Never had wealth close to that of the wealthiest whites, often light skin, and very active in exclusive social clubs Q.

What did the NAACP and Black newspapers want changed for African Americans in WWI? A. Pushed for black officers to command black troops Q. What’s true about violence against African Americans during and after WWI? A. Violence expanded from South to expand to the North as well Q. What is true about African American migration between 1910-1940? A. About 1. 75 million African Americans left the South, doubling population Q. What reason did most Southern African Americans migrate North? A. Escape violence, sexual explotation, and to escape poverty Q.

What made many Americans fear that communism might spread to US Cities? A. Widespread labor strikes and success in Soviet Union Q. What led to the decline of the KKK? A. Clan leader convicted of raping young white women Q. Why was pullman company an early area for black labor organizing? A. By 1920’s it was the largest employer for African Americans Q. How did Pullman Company respnd to Randolph’s attempt to make gains for porters? A. The company gave workers more dignity when management adopted slogan service not servitude

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