Significance Of The Frontier In American History Apush

Genus’s Mother assumes that Elena, her family, or Puerco rice immigrants in general are insensitive to the tragedy. L don’t know how you people do it,” pig 01 Genus’s mother also doesn’t understand immigrants and believes herself superior to both Elena and people who are similar to Elena, she believes that she is not sorrowful enough about president Kennedy’s death to want to study with her son. However she doesn’t understand Élan’s feelings of simply wanted to spend time with Eugene, whom she liked and could connect to. ” In the same was Elena also fails to understand the situation around her.

The author uses dialogue as her mother warns her “you are eating towards humiliation and pain” pig 300. Unlike Elena, her mother understands the situation around her knowing that Eugene mother won’t be happy that Elena want to study with her son. The author encourages to understand people feelings around us in order that we can be sensitive to them, which will prevent “humiliation and pain. ” The speaker in this short story is an innocent young girl called “skinny bones” who goes through hardships and trouble at school.

She lives in the crowded el building that souses immigrants from Puerco Rice like herself. Her tone can be described as unhappy and uncomment with her life “l hated my skinny flat-cheated body, and I envied the black girls who could jump rope so fast their legs became blurs. The author writes with a serious tone as she portray the hardship immigrant children faces during this time period. Judith Coffer writes for other young adult who are also developing through hard times, portrayed Puerco Rice – American immigrant life and the difficult time other children gave Elena at school.

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