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American Identity APUSH DBQ

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    England controlling the colonies but not honestly showing interest the people of the colonies is a reason for the Americans to want to be their own people. However because of this, Americans are finding their own identity, what it is to have an American identity, why they felt as though they no longer wanted to be a part of the British rule, and after they’ve left the empire ruling, who the American Identity was describing.

    The American identity came to play during the 1750’s. Mather Byles feels as though the British are nothing more than tyrants that don’t care about the Americans. During a continental congress meeting the same message is stated. American pride became a very important thing to the after the many speeches and sermons conducted by leaders of their colonies. These words got people to believe that they deserved to be their own country, not a land controlled by tyrants.

    New England and Britain were very poor the difference between the countries was the fact that the British were getting financial relief from the colonists. They were stealing American Jobs and all of the revenue that they pulled in. The British taxed all of the goods and still wanted money from Americans. This money was being used to fuel the wars the English were causing and to pay for war equipment. This debt grew steadily to make England and The colonists very poor. All of these events are reasons that the Americans grew angry with the Englishmen for taking all of the profits and goods that the work so hard to accomplish. Succession seemed like a very good way to end the anger that the Americans began to harbor.

    The Americans were a united people. They began to prepare and to send messages, Such as the Boston tea party and other boycotts. A very early political cartoon says join, or die. This is the earliest cartoon of American unity being so strong. They were strong enough to want a war between the mother country and themselves. The American Revolution had preparations. One of the first were mental, listening to speeches and sermons given by pastors and committee leaders they felt as though they were entitled to be their own country. They worked for their profits and believed that they deserved to keep their own money, to keep out the tyrants that
    thought they could control the lives of the hard working Americans. Americans believed that they needed to protect their rights as people. They left England to avoid the oppression and the feel like they need permanent succession to really prove this to the leaders of England.

    The American identity describes the people that are taken advantage of by the people who believe that they are helping out. This describes independence to be ones’ own person, so they could not have to answer to the tyrants pretending to help out. During the late 70’s of the sixteenth century they began to feel this way more and more until they felt they couldn’t handle being oppressed anymore. They burst with feelings of hatred and wanted to end the reign of the British in America. People of America don’t believe in being controlled by an outside force that’s using them for gain. The identity of an American is someone who needs independence and shows enough courage to want to protect that right, no matter the cost for it.

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