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An Analysis of William Shakespeare’s Hamlet

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The change of mood that occurs In scene one is mainly because of Polonius. This is shown in the beginning of the act when Polonius is hiring a spy to find out how his son is behaving. In the beginning of the scene it is quite funny and suspicious since Polonius acts like he trusts his son, but in actual fact he’s so concerned that he hired someone to look after him. The change of mood occurs when Ophelia runs into the room and explains to Polonius what had just happened with Hamlet ( II,i,ll 85-112).

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An Analysis of William Shakespeare’s Hamlet
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This changes Polonius’s mood and concern about his son towards his daughter Ophelia and how he was the reason for Hamlet’s insanity, Polonius shows that he is very concerned and feels that he is to blame for what is going on. Ophelia tells Polonius that Hamlet came to her when she was sewing with his shirt undone and his stockings to the ground with no hat (ll,i,ll 88-94) acting insane like he had just got back from hell.

Ophelia describes that his knees were knocking as he grabbed her by the wrist and just stared at her. Polonius and Ophelia believe that the reason for Hamlets behavior is because Ophelia rejected him

The significance of the meeting between the royal couple and Rosencrantz and Guildenstern is to get them to spy on Hamlet, They are worried about Hamlets strange behavior after his father’s death. And believe that since Hamlet has known Rosencrantz and Guildenstern for a long time they will be able to find out what is wrong with him. This meeting is also significant because it shows that Polonius is not the only parent going behind their child’s back by getting someone to spy on them. This shows that Claudius is just like Polonius when it comes to parenthood and that there is lack of trust in both families

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