Analysis of the Odyssey by Homer

Circe and Odysseus start to argue because Circe turns his men into pigs. Circe will not change them back unless Odysseus sleeps with her, in their argument Odysseus said “How dear you tell me to treat you with warmth? You u who turned my men to swine in your own house now you hold me here as well teeming me with treachery you lure me to your room to mount your bed” (10. 7477) Odysseus was furious with Circe but had to sleep with her to save his men, that shows his loyalty to his c morasses.

Another way Odysseus shows loyalty is when he told Calypso that he loves his fife even if there is no comparison between Penelope and Calypso. “Look at my wise Pen elope. She falls far short of you, your beauty, stature. She is mortal after all and you, you never r age or die… Nevertheless long I pine, all my days to travel home and see the dawn of my return (5. 239243) that quote shows that Odysseus is loyal to Penelope despite calypso co’s offer of him staying with her. Odysseus loves Penelope and is loyal to getting home to her and his Odysseus is a very compassionate and caring person.

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Odysseus shows a coup Of mimes that behind his powerful role he is very caring, he showed this when he reunited with his house keepers ‘They came crowding out of their quarters, torch in hand, flu g their arms around Odysseus, hugged him, home at last, and kissed his head and should RSI seized his hands, and he overcome by a lovely longing broke down and wept…. Over in h is heart he knew them one and that quote is about how Odysseus breaks down because he misses his house keepers because they are more like family.

Not her quote showing Odysseus compassion is “Many cities of men he saw and teamed the IR minds, many pains he suffered, heart sick on the open sea fighting to save his life an d bring his comrades home. ” (1. 46) that quote is summing up everything Odysseus fought t for, to get home, and save his men. Odysseus is very smart and cunning. Cunning is to be smart in a tricky way. T wrought out the book The Odyssey Odysseus has proven how sly and smart he could b e. In a bad situation in Polytheism’s cave Odysseus comes up with a plan to get the cycle ops drunk and blind him, and so he did.

After Odysseus comes up with a way to disguise his name he said “So you ask me the name I’m known by Cyclops? Will tell you but you must give e me a gustiest as you’ve promised, nobody that is my name nobody so my mother and father call me, all my friends. ” (9. 407411) This quote is about Odysseus tricking the c hyssop into believing his name was nobody, so he would not get in trouble or get hurt. Odd yeses did not get caught because the Cyclops screamed out ” Nobody is hurting me” so Poe pole thought Polymorphous was not in any danger.

Odysseus is extremely smart like when h e said to a suitor I too once lived in a lofty house that men admired; rolling in wealth I’d often give to a vagabond like myself, whoever he was, whatever need had brought him to my door. And crowds of servants I had, and lots of all it takes to live the life of ease, to make e men call you rich. But Zeus ruined it all gods will no doubt. ” (9. 8286) This quote shows Odd uses being cunning because he was disguised as a beggar trying to explain to the suitor t hat one day you could be at the top while pushing people to the bottom and the next day nun expectedly be at he bottom with the same people.

Odysseus wanted to teach the suitor a less on that everyone is equal, and to not judge people. All of the traits of loyalty, compassion, and being cunning a hero should have, Odysseus has those traits. A hero needs to be loyal so they will always stick to what they say they will do. A hero needs compassion so they have empathy for the person t heir saving or for the situation they are in. A hero needs to be smart to put a well rounded plan together. Despite Odysseus set backs because of his hubris, he is a savior.

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