“Animal farm”: Movie vs. the Book

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The book Animal Farm is quite different from the movie adaptation. One of the main differences is the characters, as some characters from the book were not included in the movie, and some were replaced by others. Several events from the book were also not included in the movie, like the bank note forgeries and Napoleon’s addiction to whiskey. Similarly, some events in the movie did not happen in the book, like Squealer using Jones’ camera equipment to speak to the animals. The timing of events was also different in the movie, and the ending was altered from the book, with Jessie and her puppies returning to the farm after Napoleon’s death.

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One of the distinguishing factors between the book and movie versions of “Animal Farm” is the depiction of characters. While certain characters like Mr. Whimper, Clover, and Mollie were present only in the book, the movie introduced Jessie, a dog mentioned briefly in the first chapter. Jessie not only replaced Clover but also served as the story’s narrator, main character, and maintained a consistent presence throughout the film.

In the book, there were events that were not depicted or occurred differently in the movie. These included occurrences such as bank note forgeries and instances of Squealer’s manipulation to convince them to allow the pigs to consume apples and milk in their mash. Surprisingly, the movie omitted any reference to this event. Additionally, the movie also overlooked the Sunday meetings, while the book failed to mention Napoleon’s dependency on whiskey.

One notable event in the book that was not depicted in the movie was the battle where Boxer injured his hoof. Only two battles occurred in both versions: the Rebellion and the Battle of Cowshed. In the movie, there was a scene where Squealer confiscated Jones’ camera equipment to communicate with the animals, which did not occur in the book. Additionally, another difference between the two versions is the timing of events.

They depicted the pigs walking upright, following a scene where Jessie, the eldest, learned to distinguish between humans and pigs. The film’s conclusion also diverged from the original, as Jessie was able to discern the disparity between humans and pigs. Subsequently, she fled with Benjamin and a few other animals. Several years later, they returned following Napoleon’s demise. As new owners were approaching the farm, Jessie and her puppies settled back on the farm once more.

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