Animal Farm – Movie

Animal Farm is a movie that uses animals to make fun of humans. The movie starts out with a the highest animal, Old Major, the pig, telling all the animals they must unite and leave the humans, and that the humans should not boss them around anymore. However, before that can happen, Old Major is killed. The animals do succeed, though, in scaring off the humans. Because Old Major has died, it is time for a new leader. Snowball, a pig , and Napoleon, another pig, both try to lead the animals.

Snowball wants to lead the animals just as Old Major did, but Napoleon wants to lead them as the humans did. Because Napoleon is smart, he makes it look to the other animals that Snowball is the bad pig, and eventually gets Snowball to leave. Napoleon then has complete control over the animals and things get really bad. In the end the animals come to their senses and leave.In this movie Napoleon is supposed to play the role of Hitler. Just how Hitler brainwashed people and took over, Napoleon did the same thing. Napoleon brainwashed the animals into thinking Snowball was the bad pig, while really it was Napoleon. Also, just as Hitler made new rules, like making his new race, Napoleon made new rules. He took the rules that Snowball had written after talking to Old Major, and changed them. The ending on the movie was a little bit different approach then normal. The whole movie was used to show how horrible it is when a dictator comes to power. So near the end the animals finally break away from the dictator- Napoleon and hide for many years. But then they go back after Napoleon leaves and build a new life together. So the happy ending ends up taking away from the message of a dictator being bad, because the outcome was happy.

All in all it was a good movie. Using the animals to portray animals has been done since the beginning of time. It is a good way to get the message across, and at the same time entertaining to watch.

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