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Captain Jahn Smith and Governor William Bradford

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    Captain Jahn Smith and Governor William Bradford were two influental leaders in the New World during the early 1600s. They both established a colony and they attempted to attract settlers with writings. Their writings were intended for different audiences and they both had different purposes. John Smith’s writings were intended to bring people to the new world. He wrote a pamphlet to the people in England and told about all the good things about New England. In his pamphlet he tried to persuade people to join him in the new land and how he promised the New England was better than England. John Smith’s audience was intended for people from England, and possible settlers.

    Though,William Bradford’s writings were intended for different audiences and he had a different purpose than John Smith. William Bradford’s audience was intended for the future generation. He wrote a diary about his actual experiences in Colonial America,he discussed in his diary about the many hardships he faced. Both wrote of their experiences in America,were Europeans,and desired to settle the land. John Smith and William Bradford were two important people who led to the settlement in America. They were fine leaders who made survival possible on this new land. They created relationships with the natives and won and lost some with their own men. They led their men across the ocean to settle on lands that were never previously settled by Europeans. They had all of their crew adapt to the new land and form relationships with the natives.If it was not for these two men’s great leadership skills, their crews would have died and America would not be the same.Without the decisions made by Smith and Bradford, nobody would have survived in the New World. They took control and found food and shelter. They also made sure all their sick were taken care of when nobody really wanted to do this job. Smith and Bradford made it possible to make a small colony on a land they have never seen.

    These men also met the natives and observed how they lived. At first, neither of them got along with the natives and tensions soon abated and learned to work together. The natives showed Smith and Bradford a way to live and adapt to the land. The natives saved Smith and Bradford’s lives and forever changed the land of America. They made important decisions to make survival possible and led their crews to adapt in America. If it was not for these fine men, many things may be different, including life in America today. John Smith had many characteristics that helped to make him an important person in the beginning settlement of the New World. He was a brave and strong person who seemed to have little fear. He ran away from home when he was young and became a soldier in Europe and the Near East (Barbour). He thrived for excitement and adventure. During the settlement of Jamestown, he took on the responsibility of leadership by saving the colony from starvation.

    He made the men plant crops and build houses, while he was trading with the Indians for food.The colony chose him President of the Jamestown settlement. The settlers believed and trusted him because he had saved them. John Smith was a very smart man, and he wrote many accounts about the happenings in Jamestown. He also published an article about his voyage of 1614. His longest and best-known work was entitled The General History of Virginia (Gwinn). Without these accounts, we would know very little about the colony in the New World. Not only was he a writer, but he could also draw. He drew many maps showing his expeditions and adventures. Many of these maps were used by other groups of settlers who came to the New World. John Smith was brave, strong, smart, and a good leader.

    His name is probably best remembered as the man who was to be beheaded by Indians, when the chief’s daughter rushed to his side and saved his life. Many historians doubt this incident and said that Smith was just bragging and was a teller of tales (McMichael). He had so many different adventures and he sometimes stretched the truth. Even if John Smith did exaggerate at times, he was still an interesting and important character in American History. As a young man he joined the separatist congregation at Scrooby and in 1609 emigrated with others to Holland, where, at Leiden, he acquired a wide acquaintance with theological literature. Bradford came to New England on the Mayflower in 1620 and in 1621, on the death of John Carver, was chosen leader of the Pilgrims.

    He remained governor for most of his life, being reelected 30 times; during the five years in which he chose not to serve, he was elected assistant. Bradford, though firm, used his large powers with discretion, and there were few complaints about his leadership.He maintained friendly relations with the Native Americans and struggled hard to establish fishing, trade, and agriculture. He stressed the obligations of the colonists to their London backers and was one of the eight colonial “undertakers” who in 1627 assumed Plymouth Colony’s debt to the merchants adventurers.

    Given a monopoly of fishing and trading privileges, they finally discharged the debt in 1648. Bradford was more tolerant of other religious beliefs than were the Puritan leaders of Boston (although he was by no means consistent in this respect), and he was largely responsible for keeping Plymouth independent of the Massachusetts Bay colony. His famous History of Plimoth Plantation, not published in full until 1856, forms the basis for all accounts of the Plymouth Colony

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