Cause and effect analysis of “The Pearl” by John Steinbeck.

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The story The Pearl is about a poor family living in La Paz, Mexico. When their son Coyote is bitten by a scorpion, they try to get him medical help but can’t afford it. The father, Kink, finds a valuable pearl that he hopes to sell to pay for Coyote’s treatment. However, the pearl causes problems and unhappiness as people try to steal it and Kink becomes greedy. When Kink’s son is killed in a misunderstanding, Kink realizes the pearl has led him down a destructive path and decides to throw it back into the ocean. The story teaches a lesson about the dangers of greed and the importance of valuing family and health over material possessions.

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Finally he comprehends the more important things in life such as family, health, and life itself. The first cause and effect starts when Coyote has been bitten by the scorpion and then Juan decides to take him to a doctor, which seems to be that she is asking too much for someone whom in living in a life of poverty. The doctor refuses to treat Coyote because Kink and Juan cannot afford the fees. Juan prays indirectly to cure their son Coyote by finding a pearl to pay for the treatment. Kink eventually “finds the pearl of the world” which will hanger their lives forever.

Kink now tries to sell the pearl to the pearl buyers to receive money to pay for the doctor’s treatment. Finding the pearl begins to cause grief and unhappiness toward Kink and his family. This is true because during the night someone tries to steal the pearl therefore the pearl is obviously of great value. The climax of the story begins to develop and shows how one event leads to another. Kink goes to sell the pearl to pay for Jocosity’s treatment but the pearl buyers’ claim that the pearl is “fools gold” and it is of no value.

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Kink is enraged with the fact that the pearl may be worth nothing and feels that he has been cheated. He then decides to go to the capital to sell the pearl. The pearl begins to change Kink’s life that in a way it causes him to become suspicious of everyone. When a man tries to steal the pearl from Kink, it results in Kink being able to kill a man for a material possession and begins to change him into a man driven by greed. Kink is now a changed man from this event and now his only goal is to sell the pearl and see what riches he can obtain with the money from the pearl.

Kink ND Juan set off towards the capital, during their journey Kink senses that he is being followed by trackers and the fact that he is paranoid, he begins to think that they will try to steal the pearl and kill his family. Kink makes a decision to kill the trackers before they can kill himself and his family. To Kink’s demise his only child is Coyote is shot by one of the trackers because he is mistaken for a coyote pup. This event brings immense grief towards Kink and Juan but Kink’s rage keeps him from the pain. Kink now realizes that there is no point in continuing his journey to the capital cause his son is dead.

He returns to the village of La Pas. Kink now sees how the pearl has changed him and how he Was blinded by greed and now he has lost everything of importance to him. The resolution of the story is that Kink decides to toss the pearl back into the ocean and sees how man can overcome one obstacle but get lead to another blocking his path. All the events that that happened in the story slowly lead to Kink demise and shows that you must be content with what you have and concentrate on the more important things in life such as health, friends and family.

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