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Compare and contrast Guillivers travels and candide

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Exploring the Utopian Land(s) of Houyhnhm and El Dorado

In an Utopian society, everyone is entitled to what they need, such as land, food, materials. Guilliver compares himself to this lifestyle that his world is perceived in such a way. The Houghuhums had no concept of another place existing .Gulliver is faced to live with these yahoos. The Wynomns see themselves as a perfection of nature, The word Houyhnhnm in their tongue signifies a horse. According to Gulliver, the Yahoos were the only governing animals in his country.

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Compare and contrast Guillivers travels and candide
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In the winter they were kept in houses, hay and oats where Yahoo servants were employed to rub their skins, smooth, comb their manes, pick up their feet, serve them with food, and make their beds. Houyhnhnms whom they called horses were the most generous and camely animals they had, that they excelled in strength and swiftness. The Wynonmys try to learn about Yahoos and they all were afraid of Guilliver. The author, Voltaire has specifically exposed the evil that exist in society.

For example, throughout the story, Candide manages to find selfishness, sin and religious intolerance and the people were linear thinkers. The person during this time comes from the area of the enlightenment. Enlightenment means a time of illumination. The era was called this because it was a time when an influential group of scholars, writers, artists and scientist worked hard and sought out to use rational thought. The people were looking to rid the world of superstition and ignorance. The world is somewhat socialistic.

Gulliver is going to 4 places that didn’t exist. One of the things that will be satired in Gulliver’s Travelers would be the government. He would describe the government he comes from and how much he respects it. There is no need for law and government officials Swift was very diplomatic and very well respected writing his apology worked for him. The purpose of satire is to amend wrong. To acknowledge what is wrong and make it right. Guilliver think this is great that everyone agrees, that the world is perfect. They are linear thinkers, all agree on everything and sometimes there are things that none of them cant see. There is no argument, fighting everyone works together. There language only has one purpose to communicate.

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