Effects of Loadshedding in Pakistan

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In the past of years, Chinese is a poor country and Chinese people had to work to earn money. But now, Chinese is better than the past and Chinese people pay more attention to the country’s basic state. We talk about all things about China such as: citizen rights, poor’s welfare and judicial fairness.
First of all, many Chinese people think the citizen rights is the most important in China. To be honest, in the past of years many Chinese didn’t realize it, and that made some people using illegal ways to obtain benefits. In such a case, there are three ways to protect the citizen’s rights, just like officials elected by people, universal medical insurance and all men are equal. Most of capitalist countries elect officials by the masses and it’s really good for citizens, because we can vote somebody who tries to work for us, in this way, the corruption will be reduced. Then, universal medical insurance is important to China. In China, if you were ill, you wouldn’t want to go hospital, because it was expensive. But, if the government universal the medical insurance, it just cost 3600 billion per year, and you know how much about Chinese officials cost per year? 9000 billion. So, universal the medical insurance is extremely urgent. At last, there is something not fair because of the gap between poor and rich. In China, rich always enjoy more welfare than poor. So, all men are equal is one way to protect the citizen rights. In China, citizen rights are really important for us, and just protect our rights, the masses quality will be improved.

Secondly, poor’s welfare is still important for China. In China, there are many poor they can’t earn money because of disabled or other reasons, and that may make them die. So, we need to do three things for poor and it’s really good for them.


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