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“Handmaid’s Tale” Literature Analysis

The Handmaid's Tale

Words: 1268 (6 pages)

Written in 1985 by Margaret Atwood, The Handmaid’s Tale is a novel that presents a totalitarian theocracy that has replaced the United States and forces the few fertile women left to bear children for elite couples that have trouble conceiving. The main protagonist in the novel is referred to as Offred and she is a…

Gulliver’s Travels- a Political Satire

Gulliver's Travels

Jonathan Swift

Words: 2183 (9 pages)

Gulliver’s Travels- a Political Satire ‘I’ll publish, right or wrong: Fools are my theme, let satire be my song,’ said Lord Byron. Although whimsical in words, a satire is that genre in literature that strikes the hidden blatant chords and enlightens the readers with the truth. One such satire characterized by irony, sarcasm and wit…

Seen From Above Poem Analytical


Words: 811 (4 pages)

Does a beetle’s death require as much thoughtful consideration as a human’s? Is a beetle only less significant as a human due to the contrasting proportions? Does size matter at all? A dead beetle lies on a path through a field and is meditated on for only a glance. The passing person then continues the…

My Favourite Character

Character Analysis

Words: 364 (2 pages)

This essay is about my favourite character in “To Kill a Mocking Bird.” She is one of the biggest, most important characters; she is considered the main character. She is very important for she helps narrate this story. She helps with the story by describing her thoughts and feelings that is one of the main…

Beowulf is a Superhero


Beowulf Epic Hero

Words: 895 (4 pages)

Beowulf is our superhero in this story but only if our hero bragged about all his accomplishments. I say this because in the story Beowulf says, “No one else could do what I mean to, here, no man but me could hope to defeat this monster.” This here alone shows us a glimpse of the…

Analysis of “The Kaleidoscope”, “Sandra’s Mobile” and “Second Opinion”




Words: 1719 (7 pages)

To what extent is a focus on metaphor and symbol central to an analysis and understanding of Douglas Dunn’s poetry? (The Kaleidoscope/Sandra’s Mobile/Second Opinion) It is considered more difficult for a poet to grab the attention and imagination of an audience than it is for an author. The use of metaphor and symbol in poetry…

Porphyria’s Lover Character Analysis

Character Analysis


Words: 726 (3 pages)

A person will do anything and everything in their power to make one moment last as long as they possibly can. In the poem Porphyry’s Lover, the narrator kills Porphyry because he wants to preserve the perfect moment between them and feels as if he has granted Porphyry’s one wish. He so desperately wants to…

Classical Realism and Neorealism: A Comparison


Words: 2299 (10 pages)

Classical Realism and Neorealism: A Comparison             The theoretical paradigm of realism emerged in the IR academy in the late 1930s to address the inadequacy of liberal idealism to understand the political currents of the inter-War period. Essentially, realism purports to explain international politics as it is, rather than how it should be; realists remain…

The Use of Symbolism and Magical Realism in Bless Me, Ultima


Words: 1539 (7 pages)

The Use of Symbolism and Magical Realism in Bless Me, Ultima Introduction             Human societies all over the world follow a set of religious beliefs and values. These beliefs and values play an important role in shaping the behavior and thoughts of an individual. The role played by religion in human life is very significant,…

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