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V.C.AndrewsFlowers in the Attic is the title of one of the most terrifying and thrilling books I have ever read. Its the story of four children who were locked away in the attic for three years. Three years in which they learn how to take care of each other in order to survive. They managed to go through all the difficult situations and try to live no matter what. The story is told by the main character, a girl named Cathy.

She begins telling us about her life. She had one brother named Chris, her mother Corrine, her father Christopher, and two younger twins, Cory and Carrie. They were a good family, surrounded by friends and happiness.

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Their last name was Dollanganger, but because they were so much alike, their friends called them “The Dressden dolls”.

Christopher had a work on a computer agency and he had to travel a lot. He used to go on Mondays and go back home on Fridays.

In one of those Fridays, Christopher suffers a terrible accident an dies, living the family in tears and without the support of the bread winner. With nowhere to go, Corrine decided to move with her parents. The grandparents their children never knew they had. This is the part when the story begins to develop. They move very silently, without the knowing of their neighbors or friends.

On their way to the grandparents house, the mother begins to tell her children the story of this family they never have heard about. She tells them their father was her half uncle, and that they fell in love not caring about society. She tells them that when her father discovers their “forbidden” love, he throw her out of his house telling her she had done something evil. Her mother explains them that now she wants to win him over and that way her father will put her again in his will.

The mother filled their children hopes with dreams of their new life, she tells them that they will be rich and will have everything they want. But going into the grandparents house wasn’t a dream, it was a nightmare. They meet their grandmother who tells them they have to be locked away in the attic until their mother “wins” her father again. She locks them away and they begin to die inside. She kills their hopes and dreams.

Up in the attic, they suffered many things, they learn to care about each other and themselves and work hard to get what they want. They were there three years until one of them, Cory, dies of pneumonia and they discover that the grandmother was poisoning them with arsenic and that their grandfather was dead and her mother left them. With all their hopes and illusions killed, they manage to escape from the attic and look for a new life.

I really like this book, I think the story is really good and I really suffered when the kids suffered because of the evil grandmother. There is one part of the book, where she hits them with a whip and I really was angry at her. I really recommend this book, it not only maintains you inside the plot, it shows you that in life, you can do whatever you want if you really want to.


FLOWERS IN THE ATTIC. (2019, Jan 27). Retrieved from https://graduateway.com/flowers-in-the-attic-2/

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