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Piggy and Ralph find a conch (which is a type of shell). When Ralph blows the conch the sound attracts the attention of all the boys on the island who group together. Why is the chapter entitled “The Sound of the Ralph sees Piggy as a nuisance at first, but also realizes his usefulness. When Piggy first appears, Ralph constantly tries to walk away from him and does not answer his questionnaire is Ralph is attitude towards Piggy in the first Piggy’s plea to join the expedition represents his desperation to “fit in” with the rest of the boys. What is the significance of Piggy’s plea to join the

Ralph is elected chief because he was the first boy to call all of the others together. All of the boys feel an instinctive comfort with this person who sounded the conch. Why is Ralph elected chief? DDCD] The scar mentioned in this story is mark on the island that the plane made when it landed or crashed-What is the scar which is repeatedly mentioned? Decal The thought Of having a pig to eat is appealing when you are hungry , but the moment at which the animal is breathing in front of the hunter causes one’s morals to overtake their instincts.

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Jack may be a strong boy, but he can not bring himself to end a life. Why Isaacs unable to kill the They are all outcasts. What do Piggy, Simon, and the little with the birthmark have in Jack enters the story leading a pack of boys in black cloaks in a disciplinary manner. Readers may think of him as the antagonist, for this dark image sweeps the tropical island with its negativity. Jack shows some vulnerability when he accepts his loss to Ralph, but keeps his stern authority by continuing to lead the choirboys is Jack presented to the reader? AD Gilding had a lot of experience in dealing with schoolboys, for he was a teacher in Britain for many years. He must have witnessed many real-life tuitions that he was able to adapt within this story. More importantly, Gilding probably used young boys in his book because they represent innocence. The acts of these children are committed purely out of instinct, for they do not have adult knowledge to base decisions on-Why did Gilding use British As a result of his sheltering guardian and his exposure to difficult adult situations, Piggy is very closely tied to the world of adults.

How is Piggy revealed as most clearly tied to the world of adults? DC Piggy IS indirectly responsible for the blowing of the conch because he told Ralph how o blow tithe is Piggy indirectly responsible for the blowing of the During one of the first meetings with all of the boys together, the little with a birthmark asks Ralph what he is going to do about the large beastie within the jungle. What question does the little with the birthmark Ralph immediately tells the boys that there is no beast on the island and that there is nothing to worry about.

Jack is slightly more curious claiming that he will make sure that there is no deadly creature while he is hunting. Ralph becomes annoyed with such childish thoughts and, like a good leader, stands rim in his belief that there is no beast, making the rest of the boys feel slightly better about the situation How do Ralph and Jack answer the question about the beast? LICE This chapter is titled ‘Fire on The Mountain”, for the boys embark on their most important job since they have been stranded on the island: building a fire in order to catch the attention of rescuers. Also one of the first troublesome issues on the island.

What is the significance of the chapter’s title, “Fire on The Mountain” The boys are very quick to form a massive pile of wood and leaves as a first step in building the fire, but they non realize that they do not actually know how to start a flame. To Piggy’s dismay, Jack grabs his thick glasses and uses them to reflect the sun’s rays, successfully creating a fire. How do the boys start a fire? CГњC] This chapter is called “Huts on the Beach”, for Ralph is beginning to realize that shelter is one of the most important issues on the islands is the significance of the title “Huts on the Beach’?

CO Ralph criticizes Jack because the ‘hunters” are clearly not helping in the building of shelters in any way. Jack is spending all of his time attempting to catch a pig and, even though he has yet to be successful, he continues to commit his days to this job. Part of Rally’s frustration comes from the fact that even the boys who begin to help him build have very short attention spans. Why does Ralph reproach There are two groups of older children within this book, one of which is led by Ralph and one that is led by Jack.

Ralph leads a group that includes Piggy and Simon, who are truly dedicated to the wellbeing of everyone on the island and are trying desperately to make proper decisions on behalf of all of the boys. Jack’s group has become obsessed with the act of Huntington two groups with different goals are emerging in chapter 3? DC Simony’s reason for traveling into the jungle alone is unclear, but it can be presumed that he is creating a personal agenda on the island. Why does Simon go to the bower? ADD This title describes the state of the children after quite a long while of surviving on the strange island.

The words “long hair” is a hint to the reader that the time gap between the third and fourth chapter is quite significant, for the length of hair signifies the passing of time. The “painted faces” half of the title reveals its meaning in a scene in which Jack uses natural colors from charcoal and clay to camouflage himself in order to hunt a gig. What is the significance of the title “Painted Faces and Long Roger is throwing stones at his friends as a joke, for he enjoys bugging the other children, especially the littlest. There are no adults on the island who would condemn him for such an act.

If he wished to, Roger could seriously injure anyone he wanted to, but the lasting effect of human morals and society’s rules are still implanted in his brain. As Gilding says, ” Rorer’s arm was conditioned by a civilization that knew nothing of him and was in ruins”. Why does Roger, throwing stones at the littlest, aim just to miss? 000 Ralph makes a definite stand to Jack, by reminding him that he is chief and that everyone should do as he says. He is very upset by the fact that Jack let the fire out during an opportunity to be saved and, in an outburst of emotions, says, “l was chief; and you were going to do what said. What definite stand does Ralph make? CO] Jack refuses to give Piggy meat because he resents his relationship with Ralph and because he sees Piggy as an outcast. By treating Piggy poorly, Jack feels a sense of power within the group of boys, for everyone seems to enjoy watching the poor boy suffer. Why does Jack refuse to give Piggy This chapter is titled ‘Beast From Water”, for the children are continuing their discussions about a beast that possibly lives on the island. The amount of fear that fills the young children nearly convinces the older boys that such a creature may exist.

The “Beast From Water” is an important aspect of the story, for it is revealing the vulnerability of everyone’s mind-What is the significance from the title “beast from the Percival, the little boy who claims to have seen a beast, shows a paradox in his attitude toward the creature, for, at one moment, he is crying tit vindication about the beast, and soon after, he is fast asleep. What is the paradox of the boy’s attitude toward the Ralph calls a meeting because he is extremely angered by the fact that Jack and his hunters let the fire out at a time when all Of the boys could have potentially been saved by a passing ship.

What began as a concise meeting planned by Ralph turned into chaos. Why does Ralph call a meeting? C]D Piggy dissuades Ralph from giving up his position as chief because Ralph is Piggy’s closest tie to authority on the island. Why does Piggy dissuade Ralph from giving up his position as hive? DГњD The dead parachutist landing on the mountain is an ironic situation, for all of the boys have been recently frightened of a “beast” that roams the island. What is the irony of the dead parachutist landing on the Simon doubts the existence of a beast because he is a “realist”.

Why is Simon the only one to doubt the existence of the Ralph insists on going after the beast because he wishes to keep the rest of the boys safe. As a good leader, he wants to defeat the creature that has caused so many problems already. Jack may be concerned about safety as well, but he is probably more excited about the beast because it provides him with another creature to kill-Why do Ralph and Jack insist on going after the beast? Cold; Jack doesn’t believe that they need the conch any longer, for the boys are facing their most crucial battle yet – encountering the beast. In such a vital situation, Jack believes that rules are useless.

Why does Jack say that they don’t need the conch any longer? CO Simply as reassurance and Gilding is using this as foreshadowing. Why does Simon tell Ralph “you” will get back all When Ralph throws his spear and wounds the boar it crashes out of the pig run and escapes. Ralph is eager to retell what happened to anyone who will listen. Jack of course has to out do Ralph by showing the boys a gash on his arm and telling how he tried to stab the boar with his spear rather than throwing the spear as Ralph had done. What happens when Ralph wounds the “Why do you hate me? ” which makes all the boys very uncomfortable?

What does Ralph ask at this point the boys had already been worried about a “beast” living on the island. So when sameness were watching the fire at night they saw the dead parachutist, with the wind blowing up the parachute and making it resemble wings. Am and Eric assumed this was the “beast”, so they ran away not only in fear for themselves, but to warn the other boys who had been asleep. Why do the boys run from the dead They voted for Rappel first as he was holding the conch and he had the physical appearance that the younger ones felt would protect and look after them and he had leadership.

However they join Jack later on as the fear of the beast increases as they believe that Jack and the hunters will protect them from the beast. Why do the boys refuse to vote for Jack as chief but all slip off to join him Jack tells his newly armed tribe that they will forget the beast, that they aren’t going to bother about it. He also tells them that they are near the end of the island where they won’t dream as much. Then Jack informs them that he wants to attract more of the begins away from Ralph and the conch so he intends to kill a pig and hold a feast-What does Jack tell his new tribe? 00 The killing of the sow represents the increase Of savagery and the decline civilization. This sow then becomes referred to as the Lord of the Flies, as the rotting head of the pig is mounted upon a stick and manifested with flies. Why is the killing of the sow scribed in such The lord of the flies tells Simon that they cannot escape him, the beast, for it is inside themselves. They are the beast. It also tells him that ‘he’ is going to have fun, and everyone will kill him. What does the Lord of the Flies tell That he knows he is strong enough to hunt.

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