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Review of “No Name Woman” by Maxine Hong Kingston

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  • Pages 2
  • Words 309
  • Views 406
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                Maxine Hong Kingston’s No Name Woman is part of the novel entitled “The Woman Warrior.” Its first chapter is the No Name Woman, which is about protagonist and her family. The villagers feel that their family is mysterious. She also feels that because her ‘no name’ aunt bears a child without a husband and she found out that her sister-in-law and its child drowned their selves in their well. She wants to talk about their family to the villagers so that the people will understand them but she thinks of it so hard but could not obtain the reason of the happenings in their clan.

                The point of the author in this part of the novel is to establish the character of the protagonist as well as the people around her. This is to understand how the main character thinks and acts for her ideas and concepts as a woman and as part of the mysterious family in their village. “Whenever we did frivolous things, we used up energy; we flew high kites. We children came up off the ground over the melting cones our parents brought home from work and the American movie on New Year’s Day-0h, You Beautiful Doll with Betty Grable one year, and She Wore a Yellow Ribbon with John Wayne another year (Kingston, 396).” The development of the plot in this part of the novel is slow. The author made each situation or scenario significant and connected to one another to form an established concept of maturity and ideology of the main character.

                The protagonist’s desire to unleash the ghost and past life of her ‘no name’ aunt became the conclusion of the author is this story. Through this, the readers will understand how the main character went through the detail of her family to define her identity as part of them.

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