Product Design Paper Essay

The objective of this project was to take the Hockey Stick Car Rack idea and turn it into a viable product through product and process development. Through sound engineering and analysis of product design principles, Blue Ribbon Consulting was able to create a product that met its customer needs, but also retained its profitability. Every step of the development process was thoroughly scrutinized until the product met the goals of that stage. This led to three generated concepts, but ultimately one design selected. This design was then optimized for the original needs of the project as well as robustness, quality, and manufacturability. The Hockey Stick Car Rack is now a great product ready to reap the benefits of an open market.

Product Specifications

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Detailed Design

Figure 2: House of Quality

In designing the Hockey Stick Car Rack, three concepts were generated. Each concept was very different than the other and provided unique advantages and disadvantages. Based on our customer needs survey, a ranking was established for each need and compared to the concepts. The best concept based on customer needs and the needs of the company was then selected. Figure 2 shows the House of Quality generated as well as the rankings that each concept received. Concept three was ultimately chosen.
Figure 3 shows that concept three contained most features that were advantageous to BRC’s market plan. It received high rankings both in “securing the sticks” and “easy and convenient to use,” which were both one of the most important customer needs.

Figure 3: Weighted Concept Screening

Figure 4, Figure 5, and Figure 6 show each of the three concepts that were generated by BRC for this project. At this stage in the process, the designs had advantages, but still needed optimization.

Figure 4: Concept #1 – Rack attached to trailer hitch

Figure 5: Concept #2 – Secured box that attaches to trailer hitch

Figure 6: Concept #3 – Clamping.

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