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Samsung Essay

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Samsung Case Problem Analysis We at Samsung want to create brand value for our customers. What should our value proposition be to the consumers? How can we maximize our value proposition to the needs of our target base? Looking forward, we would like to differentiate ourselves from our competitors on several fronts; we would like to emphasize the concept of digital convergence in our hardware devices therefore associating our brand name with cutting edge technology.

Also our direct competitor, Sony, has a target consumer base that we would like to tap into; the young hip consumer.

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In recent years we have made great strides in changing our image of low cost hardware supplier to a recognizable brand with value that consumers are looking for. In the most recent brand survey we were ranked #25 for brand value as compared to Sony’s #20. We need to surpass them and become the #1 electronics brand recognizable by consumers and make it to the top 10 recognizable brands on the list.

We have a number of sub brands, including Plano, Tantus, Yepp, Wiseview. howcan we converge to one name brand umbrella? We would like to be the next BMW. That is the one brand that everyone wants to have and loves to have. That is our mission and goal. Based on the FCB analysis, how can we take the Samsung brand from a “cold” brand to a “warm” brand that people can identify with. Should Samsung take the advice of FCB andfocus on weaker markets and develop new products?

How can Samsung become the choice among “vanguard consumers”, the young opinion leaders? Should Samsung utilize segmentation in its exisitingmarketing strategies? If yes can Samsung afford the marketing initiatives that would call for sub brands to follow suit? Some negativeperceived customer viewpoints of Samsung from the FCB market studies are that we are not visible/no exposure as a company, we have a low profile, we are difficult to use, cheap, the quality inside is unknown, and that we are not relatable to with no image.

Our focus should be on continuing to build the brand image so we can offset some of these viewpoints especially the ones where we want to move away from being cheap to an unknown quality as well as not being relatable to with no image. We need to tell our story in a compelling way to entice consumers to bring Samsung into their family. If we can accomplish all these goals, we will be in the top 10 brand values by this time next year.

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