ICT Topics

The impact of ICT on the local community Essay

Sedgley is situated in Dudley, West midlands and is home to many pubs, wine bars, off-licences, shops, homes and schools. Due to the amount of pubs and wine bars, Sedgley centre has became almost like a tourist attraction to drunks causing anti-social behaviour on the streets frightening senior citizens and...

IT Report in the incorporation of high resolution graphics and videos on web Pages Essay

I am writing this report for a new web development company that specialises in the incorporation of high resolution graphics and videos on web Pages. I will be comparing two computers that I have researched and then will be recommending the better one. In my recommendation I will justify my reasons for why I...

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How ICT has changed how systems work Essay

ICT will help Bin-IT because Bin-IT will make less wage errors, receiving fewer complaints. It will also speed up the process of making wage slips, saving money for wages, time and resources. It overall makes Bin-IT a more efficient company and the lack of complaints will boost company morale and make the...

Logical Representation Vs Physical System Essay

* A computer system can be represented in either a logical or physical form.

* Both useful are in understanding computer system theory.


* The actual hardware as seen in the real life

* Contains micro-electrons & physical mechanisms

* Power by electricity

* Very detailed &...

The Advantages of Using ICT Over Manual Meethods. Using Paint and Access Essay

The use of ICT is very useful because it can help people in so many ways like save time, less man power effort etc. ICT is very good to solve problems like when a company first starts when they advertises and make leaflets so they need ICT to design it and other things like they can put on the web to...

In the newsagents that I am studying, there are many users of the present system Essay

In the newsagents that I am studying, there are many users of the present system. There are altogether, 5 employees working in the present system. All the users very the jobs that they do via a rota system in place. i.e. One day, John (a worker), does the stock check on Monday and then does till duty...

Analysis of an interview with the owner of the specialist garage Essay

I set up an interview with the owner of the specialist garage to ask some questions so I could get an inside view of what he wants the system to do and how it would benefit him and the whole company.

What details are currently held?

At the moment we write down customer information on paper such as...

The impact of ICT on an adult in employment Essay

The advancement of technology has allowed many long and arduous tasks to be performed in the blink of an eye, or more appropriately, with the click of a mouse or the press of a key. So using this technology in employment allows work to be completed much more efficiently and thus, ICT has spread and is used...

Analysis of an ICT system for a medical clinic Essay

Moss Pharmacy in Caistor manages the medicine for most of the inhabitants of the town. It operates a small shop selling necessities and also runs a prescription service with the medical clinic. Medicine arrives according to demand through large lorries from pharmaceutical companies. It is a vital location in...

ITC – What it is, and its uses Essay

The hardware that is standard with most computer systems is:

* A mouse

* A keyboard

* A monitor (screen)

* A printer

* And a computer system itself including, usually, a floppy disk drive and a CD-ROM drive. Other drives can be added.

The two types of hardware are "input" and "output"...

PostQuick Parcels Database Solution Essay

It has to have the ability to store details of customers and parcels. Each customer has their own Identification and they have many consignments, which contain more than one parcel. Customers are charged per parcel by weight it has to check the price of each parcel consignment, to produce an itemised...

AQA ICT Modelling Coursework Essay

Lifestyle Personal Trainers Inc was established 10 years ago in Chepstow and is now a national company with 948 gyms nationwide. The company was recently bought Ms. Lass who is looking to modernise the company.

Ms. Lass wishes to update their current system, which is at present a filing cabinet locked in...

How is ICT used in schools and what are the effects? Essay

This is a part of the project that has been assigned to me by my teacher. In this part I have to write a report on the effect of ICT on schools and colleges. I can also find out about the use of ICT in colleges because I go to a college as well and I experience the use of ICT daily. I will be able to find...

Datalogging project Essay

Environmental loggers (r) is a new Company based on 90 Birmingham roads. The company just opened few months ago. The company's business is on local level.

Environmental loggers (r) wants to deliver office environmental checks such as. Temperature, light intensity,

Environmental loggers (r) opened...

The impact of ICT on an adult in employment Essay

My father

My dad works for a computer gaming company called Code masters. He is a computer programmer that writes the instructions to make characters move around on the screen. He has been working in the industry for around 30 years but has been working for his current company for a year. He has been...

Producing business documents with IT – letter, flyer and logo Essay

Target Audience

The target audience for the letter is for the people that signed up to our organisation and who buy products from us but mainly for people that are between the ages of 10 to 28 years old because they are the main group age that will buy games and game consoles.

The Purpose


English subject ICT Essay

Using ICT, an English class composed of year 8 mixed ability class. The class focuses on the introduction of Shakespeare plays. The characters and plots of different Shakespeare plays were introduced using interactive white board presentation.  All the information, regarding the class were...

An Introduction to Information Communication And Technology-ICT Essay

This paper aims to provide an introduction to ICT or Information Communication Technology as well as the common problem that is facing right now which is Privacy and Security.  This paper will also provide some recommendation as to how this can be prevented.
An Introduction to Information...

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