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The Stories ‘The Day the World Almost Came to an End’ and ‘The Man Of The House’ are narratives about childhood experiences. With the assistance of close mention to the text. comparison and contrast: ( a ) The experiences of the major characters ;

( B ) The sorts of individuals these characters are ;( degree Celsius ) One major societal subject that each writer appears to respond to in the narrative ;

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‘The Day the World Almost Came to an End’ is a verse form by Pearl Crayton. It’s about a 12 twelvemonth old miss. who thought the universe was coming to an terminal after one Friday flushing her cousin Rena runs to state that she better acquire some faith promptly because the universe was traveling to stop on Saturday. She begins to believe Rena and so starts to worry. cognizing herself to be a bona fide evildoer. She shortly started to truly go frightened and reacts instead madly even after acquiring council from her really loved and respect male parent. who tells her non to worry but that the universe can at stop minute. She doesn’t react really good to this intelligence. In the dark. after hearing a noise. runs out in her dark gown shouting believing that this is the clip the universe is traveling to stop. Her pa catches her in his weaponries on his manner place from work. He tells her that it’s merely an old aeroplane that made the sound so the universe isn’t coming to an terminal. The writer. Pearl Crayton. was born on a cotton plantation in Louisiana in 1932. Therefore. the aeroplane that the storyteller heard could hold been linked by the writer. to a plane being tested before the Second World War. ‘The Man Of The House’ is a narrative written by Frank O’Connor and is set in Ireland.

It revels childhood inside informations refering the author’s early life in County Cork. The rubric speaks for itself but it hides the item of this “Man” being a ten twelvemonth old male child. One forenoon after coming down to see his female parent really sick. he decides to remain place from school and take attention of her. So. he gets the fire started. gets her toast and tea. He even goes to acquire her some whisky and a lemon after Miss Minnie tells him to. This is all due to the absence of a male parent figure to be the existent adult male of the house. He takes on the function really good. boulder clay in the terminal when after being conned by a small miss. drinks off all of his mother’s medical specialty. He shortly goes to the cathedral for forgiveness and prays to the Virgin Mary for his female parent to acquire better. By making this. it takes off from the “Man” stance that the male child has taken and brings the reader back to the world that this “Man” is still really much a 10 twelvemonth old male child who. though extremely mentally mature. will do infantile errors. These two short narratives are really contrasting in their temper. epoch and scene. composing manner. experiences. subjects. personalities of each storyteller.

These two experiences are really much different. Both supporters are kids. one a miss and the other a male child. In the ‘The Day the World Almost Came to an End’ the immature miss finds herself in a negative place. due to her deficiency of faith. where she believes a myth from her cousin that the universe will stop on Saturday. The prose so turns into a immense scriptural contemplation of the ecstasy. but it is besides an hyperbole sing the fact that it wasn’t true. the universe wasn’t coming to an terminal when the Sun whips the Moon in the occultation. The immature girl’s frights are merely relieved with the aid of her male parent whom she loves and whose sentiment she respects. On the other manus. in ‘The Man Of The House’ the state of affairs at manus is graver.

The supporter takes on a more serious stance to his mother’s unwellness. So. as said. the two experiences are contrasting in that in one. the writer uses hyperbole as the chief technique which off springs some sum of wit into the piece at the immatureness of the kid. An illustration of this wit is the narrative Rena tells her about the Sun floging the Moon during the occultation which would mean the terminal of the universe. The other that is ‘The Man Of the House’ is once more graver. The writer takes a more serious mentality on a really serious state of affairs unlike in ‘The Day The World Almost Came To An End’ the kid reacts really irrationally to a really idealistic event in the Christian universe. that is. the twenty-four hours of the ecstasy. She doesn’t do something about the state of affairs at manus except tally shriek in her dark gown at dark alternatively of ‘getting some religion’ like what Miss Daya told her to make. In ‘The Man Of The House’ the immature male child does something about the fact that his female parent may be ill with pneumonia.

In contrast. he besides listening to the cognition of person older than him. Miss Minnie Ryan. when she advises him to acquire his female parent some whisky assorted with lemon. though scared on making the public house. determined to bring around his ma. he overcomes his fright and gets the whiskey. Unlike the other talker in ‘The Day The World Almost Came To An End’ who merely embraces her fright and does perfectly nil about it. Last. what is besides contrasting are their ages. Though they are both kids in the same age scope. one would believe that because the miss in ‘The Day The World Almost Came to An End’ is two old ages older than the other storyteller that she would hold the tinniest spot more sense than he. but this is in the terminal seen as futile since she acts like a huffy adult female in the terminal running out of her house in the dark gown merely because she heard a sound. The experiences of these two talkers are contrasting. but so are the sort of individuals these talkers are. The 10 twelvemonth old male child in ‘The Man Of the House’ is more mentally mature than the miss in ‘The Day the World Almost Came to An End. ’

The male child. as the rubric suggests. takes on the duties of a adult male alternatively of the 10 twelvemonth old male child that he is. At his age it is non expected that he would on top of taking attention of his female parent to the extent at which he does but he besides shows a great sum of regard and love for his female parent and genuinely value the function she plays in his life as what is likely. a individual ma scenario. The small miss. from the start of the narrative you can see that she acts her age unlike the small male child. She is seen from the get go. playing in the clay. like the norm 12 twelvemonth old does. and moving instead fancifully to the flooring intelligence she hears from her younger cousin and even to what Miss Daya told her. The 10 twelvemonth old reacts more conventionally to his struggle and takes on the responsibilities of a adult male instead than a male child. and even when she does do the boylike error of imbibing all the medical specialty. like a true adult male. he tells his female parent the truth ready for any reverberation that she will confer unto him and more over his mother’s boy and so shows her respect older figure by stating her the truth even though she was ill and would likely non respond the manner she normally does to disobedience as the.

So. though acting like a adult male. by making this. it shows that he knows that he is still a male child. The girl doesn’t take on an adult’s point of position ; neither does she acts like it and hence takes perfectly no duty for her actions. She’s cognizant that she is genuinely a evildoer and yet she does nil about the fact that faces the effects of ageless fire in Hell. something that she knows really good about sing the fact that she goes to church and her curate references it really often. Unlike the male child. who truly didn’t cognize how to bring around his female parent of her unwellness and hence takes advice from both his neighbour and the physician. So. despite his ignorance he still makes an effort to do the state of affairs better. There are two major subjects common to each of these short narratives. They are. Love and Family Relationship and Religion. Religion refers to ‘the belief in and worship of a superhuman commanding power. clairvoyance. a personal God or Gods. ’ These two things link these two short narratives together.

Though one subject may look more dominant than the other. the both play a really of import function in the secret plan of the narratives in the long tally. In ‘The Day the World Almost Came to an End’ faith is the governing subject. nevertheless in the terminal. it’s the subject of Love And Family Relationship that resolves the struggle. Her love for her male parent and her father’s love for his kid is this household relationship. Her male parent is the lone 1 that is able to comfort her in her clip of farcical hurt. In ‘The Man of The House’ this is switched around. Love And Family Relationship is the governing subject. It is the subject which is introduced and plays out as the major facet of the short narrative. However. it is when the small male child goes to the cathedral to pray for his ma and prays once more to the Virgin Mary for forgiveness of his wickednesss that the struggle is resolved. One can besides state that the writers were doing a jeer of faith.

‘The Day The World Almost Came To An End’ is a immense over hyperbole of a child’s experience. which as said. leads to humour. With faith playing such a dominant function in this piece. it is just to state that the writer was doing a jeer of the religion. turning it into something that many may express joy approximately. In both these pieces the writer uses a kid to lucubrate on the subjects mentioned. Though similar in this sense. ‘The Day the World Almost came to an End’ is Caribbean and it shows the degree of immatureness of kids. ‘The Man Of The House’ on the other manus shows the degree of independency that some kids posses. Both are a drama on Religion tied into the Love and Family Relationship of a male parent. in ‘The Day the World Almost Came to an End’ and a female parent in. ‘The Man Of The House. ’

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