Anne Frank: a Hero

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Anne Frank Someone influential definitely has great power over people. Although Anne was only sixteen at the time she wrote her world-renowned diary, she has captivated the lives of millions of people, transforming their views and beliefs about the Holocaust. As said by Brown, people not only looked to her for inspiration while she was living but now aspire to be like her after reading her book. Anne is the human face of the Holocaust (34).

According to a childhood friend of Anne, Hanneli Pick-Goslar, “I often feel Anna’s presence around me; she gives me the strength to do anything. ” Living day to day with the feeling of Anne around her influences her to live in peace, and not take things for granted. Anne’s book was sold around the world and has been read by millions. As read in a book, her book sold more than 20 million copies, which continues to resound with young people around the world (Amdur 93). With so many books in circulation, many are being influenced by her.

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Everyone who knew Anne knew of her aspirations to be a writer. They supported her in every way possible, and continue to support her dreams today. Otto Frank, Anne’s father, stated “She had wanted to grow up as a writer but never lived to see the day her book sold millions of copies. Now she lives after death through writings” (Tames 29). Anne Frank is being used as an example to school children around the world. One website mentions that her book is used as a curriculum in middle and high schools in Europe and the Americas (Gilman).

If thousands of children are being taught about her life and the message her book displays, then it must have an influence in the lives of all children. As stated by Becca Gilman, “Anne Frank is and will always be a symbol for the lost promise of all those children who died in the Holocaust (Gilman). Anne Frank touched many lives and continues to influence the way many people live today. All heroes seem to have a way of seeing the bright side of every situation; they can always find a way to fix the problem.

Anne was no exception to this. An entry in her diary stated, “It’s really a wonder that I haven’t dropped all of my ideals, because they seem so absurd and impossible to carry out. Yet I keep them because in spite of everything, I still believe that people really are good at heart,” (Amdur 88). Anne didn’t change her thoughts about the Nazis despite everything that happened.

According to Brown, “Anne never doubted the fact that she would get out of there alive, she even called the annex, her little piece of blue heaven, surrounded by heavy black rain clouds,” (46-47). She was raised to always be optimistic, and that carried her on through the Holocaust. Anne kept up her spirits and was still outgoing despite their dreary situation.

According to an interview, she kept friends in concentration camps, even though there was a slim chance of survival (Scholastic). Eight people resided in that cramped attic known as the Annex. Despite the fact, a website states that she flourished through her writings, recording everything (ea. roiler. com). Anne was a very optimistic person and because she kept her spirits up, the spirits of others rose along with hers.

Anne Frank makes an amazing hero. She is influential, positive, patient, brave and strong. For being so young, she handled her situation better than anyone her age, or older, could have ever handled it. She never complained, never gave up hope, and she almost made it. She deserves to hold the title of hero in my heart and the hearts of those who love her inspirational story.

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