Writing Styles Essay

Writing Styles

The topic ‘conference’ is presented in this paper in two different writing styles – objective and subjective - Writing Styles Essay introduction. The first style focuses on the object of the discussion without any biased opinion coming from the writer whereas the second style expresses the writer’s perceptions about the topic.

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Objective Style

Conference is defined as a meeting for consultation, deliberation, discussion or interchange of opinions. It can be conducted by a large group or organization. It can be between two or among a few number of persons. It can last for several days or a few hours. It can be held in a large coliseum or in a classroom. It can take on various forms such as an academic conference, business conference, news conference, settlement conference, sports conference, conference call, parent-teacher conference or any formal meeting among persons of the same interest or objective. A well-planned conference with a structured agenda is observed to aid in a smooth and organized flow of discussions toward achieving the set goals. However, the persons who participate and carry their own personal agenda in these meetings affect the outcome of the conference. Observations show that some persons whose arguments veer away from the agenda delay the realization of the conference objectives whereas the majority of participants whose discussions focus on the main goal overrule them and cause the desired outcome of the conference to be achieved.

Subjective Style

            In the conferences that I have attended which were conducted by different groups and organizations, large and small, in different venues and for varying durations, the organizers came up with well-planned programs and structured agenda. They exerted efforts to make the atmosphere relaxed and conducive to healthy discussions. However, despite such preparations, there have always been some persons who, carrying their own personal agenda into the discussions, disrupted the smooth flow of events such that the goals of the conference were not easily reached. But well-meaning individuals who were always more in number overruled them. The conferences thus wound up successfully.

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