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Informational Report: Anne Frank

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Anne Frank was born on June 12, 1929 in Frankfurt Germany. Her parents were Otto and Edith Frank and had an older sister Margot. She lived like any teenage girl, who likes boys and went to school and had a family and pet cat. But when Anne was 15, her and her family was captured by German police, her family would be sent to concentration camps.

Anne lived on the outskirts of Frankfurt with her family. She was a teenage girl during the Second World War and had to wear a golden star to show that she was a Jew.

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Informational Report: Anne Frank
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Her family and others were not allowed out after a certain time and could not do certain activates like going to the movies or staying out late. Germans invaded in May of 1940. In July 1942 they tried to concentrate the Jewish people so Anne and her family moved to a secret annex. She was there living in hiding, they could open windows, play music and if they fought people might get suspicious and call the police.

After about two years of living in the annex Anne and her family were found by the German police. They were sent to Westerbook on August 8, 1944. After one month they were transferred to concentration camp. Concentration camp was a camp where Jewish people were sent during that time. They would shave their heads, tattoo them, they would live in healthy conditions, work long hours, get fed nearly nothing, get beat and treated like animals. Sometimes Jews would be sent to take a “shower” but it was really for them to get poisoned all at once. The Nazis would check their teeth for any gold. Bodied would be threw or “thrown out” anywhere. One year later Anne and Margot died from typhus. Typhus was a disease spread thru lice and fleas. They died about a week before British forces liberated their camp. Anne’s mother died and Otto, Anne’s father, was the only one to live. Otto published Anne’s diary and it is still a very popular book today.

Anne Frank was only a teenager when going into concentration camp but she

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