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Anne Frank Essay

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Character Analysis
Jewish girl who had lived most of her life in Amsterdam. In January 1933, Nazis had taken over
Germany, which made the Franks move to Amsterdam, Holland. By that time the Franks were in
independentwoman that would always talk, and stand up for her rights and her believes. Anne
had short dark hair and brown eyes. She would always speak up, even when it wasn’t even
rights, even thought I do get carried away. Another reason was that she never gave up hope, that
they would die, or get caught she always thought positive even when things were down.

If that
was me I would go with the crowd and probably stay down.
speak for everyone. Anne was also childish when they first came into hiding. She had always
thought it would only be for a couple of months. Her actions would be like, when she tries to
help people she ends up not doing it right. For example when Mrs.

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Anne Frank
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Van Dan had given her coat
to Anne and Anne had spilled milk on it, not on purpose but it was an accident. Those would be
some foolish, and childish things a girl can do. Her behavior was good, she would do what she
was told to do most of the time. Anne’s major changes was when she comes into “Hiding” as a
foolish, childish girl and then turns into a nice young lady. Another major change would be that
Anne had accepted her mother, she now listens to her mom, and do what she is told without
talking back.
what she is told. Anne would always get in fights with Peter, she would never go to her mom for
help, and the only one she had loved was her father. Her moods, would be like a roller coaster,
she would be friendly, to mean, to hating someone then to loving someone. The only mood that
she would always be in was positive, she would never give up, that they would get caught and
was in “Hiding” a present for Hanukkah. She even hand-made all her of her presents. Anne made
a crossword puzzle for Margot, hair shampoo for Mrs. Van Daan. Some.

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