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Emily Dickinson Analysis

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Emily Dickinson is now considered one of the leading figures in American Literature. She is known for her poignant and compressed verses that greatly influenced the direction of poetry in the 20th century. Emily was a keen observer, and she wrote about the things that were familiar and pleasing to her. She used imagery from music, religion, nature, law and everyday activities to probe universal themes, one of which is death. Emily wrote many poems about death during her lifetime and showed many different emotions concerning these writings, as we will see in this analysis.

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Emily Dickinson Analysis
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In Poem 39 (49) (Baym & Levine, 2013, p. 1 1 93), Emily writes, “l never lost as much but twice”. In this verse, she is telling us that she has lost two people. Stating, “And that was in the sod”, she means they were buried in the ground or beneath the soil. The line, “Twice have I stood a beggar, Before the door of good”, she is pleading with God to give back what had been taken from her, where the lines, ‘Angels – twice descending, Reimbursed my store”, mean two angels were sent back in in their place.

I believe those who she feels has taken from her are listed in, ‘Burglar!

Banker! – Father! am poor once more”, and the exclamations are to emphasize her being angry with death. In poem 1 773 (1732) (Baym & Levine, 2013, p. 1214), “My life closed twice before it’s close: It yet remains to see if Immortality unveil A third event to me”, Emily is writing about a death that was so close to her. In stating, “So huge, so hopeless to conceive As these that twice befell. she is telling us that she could not imagine a pain more terrible than the loss of the two people that she held so dear.

In the last verse, ” Parting is all we know of heaven, And all we need of ell”, she is saying that leaving behind those we love is much like hell, but we must do so in order to get into heaven. believe she is feeling great sadness because of death. In poem 1 668 (1624) (Baym, N. , & Levine, 2013, pg. 1 214), “Apparently with no surprise To any happy Flower, The frost beheads it at its play- In accidental power”, she is speaking about death in general and how all things will die. To further state this concept, she writes, “Thee blonde Assassin passes on- The sun proceeds unmoved, To measure off another Day, For an Approving God”.

This means death will come to everything living, at some point. It is all a part of the cycle of life; that this is God’s way, and she is accepting death. Dickinson used dashes in place of commas and periods, and capitalized interior words to stress and personify common nouns that help to determine her mood or emotion within her poems. Emily Dickinson may have led a solitary life, but she was no stranger to the different emotions we as humans feel and encounter throughout our lifetimes. Maybe she was reclusive because she could best show her feelings while alone writing.

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